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Today was an costly day automotive wise. 1st my Ford Exploder that my son will use for work and college next year is fixed. It has a brand new fuel pump and a new fuel filter. Cost including labor = $880.

Then there was the Jeep. One of the things the previous owner did was remove the OEM muffler and put a non-restrictive FlowMaster muffler on it. They also removed the resonator. I didn't like the sound butI thought I would get used to it. I don't mind a little louder exhaust note but it has to be pleasing to the ear. At certain RPMs this sounded like a 4 cylinder engine with one of those garbage can mufflers. The guy at the muffler shop said the easiest way to fix it was to leave the MasterFlow muffler on and add an MagnaFlow OEM style muffler where the OEM muffler should be and put a tail pipe on. The Jeep is quiet not with no highway drone and I like it. Cost = $269.

So I shot my wad for today and I was going to buy you each a beer. Sorry but now I can only afford to buy one single lite beer between all you with a bunch of straws.
Ive never liked the sound of magnaflow. Personal taste though
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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