Everyone has heard about soccer moms, but what about...?

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    Oh yeah, you've heard of soccer moms, but kids in this neighborhood don't play soccer.

    So, what's a good mom to do when her 14 year old and his little buddies need a ride to the skate park to play a game more common in their neighborhood?

    Of course! What any mom would do. She loads up seven kids and their knives and drives them to the park to stab little Jose to death...

    Detroit Free Press

    Police: Calif. mom drives son to park to kill gang rival

    July 18, 2007



    LONG BEACH, Calif. -- Mothers have lied, spun elaborate alibis and hidden evidence for their gang-member sons. But investigators say Eva Daley went to murderous lengths.

    Daley, 30, drove her 14-year-old son and six other members of the Latin Marijuana Smokers gang to a skate park to kill a 13-year-old boy they had a grudge against, police say. The boy, Jose "Bobby" Cano, was stabbed to death.

    "I'm shaking my head at this because I thought I had heard of everything," said Gary Hearnsberger, head of the Hardcore Gang Division at the Los Angeles County district attorney's office.

    Daley and the seven teenagers were charged with murder in the June 26 slaying near the squalid skate park in this port city of 462,000 about 25 miles south of Los Angeles.

    Daley was jailed on $1 million bail and pleaded not guilty Tuesday. The teens, ages 14 to 17, face hearings to determine whether they will be tried as adults. Police said at least three more juveniles are being sought.

    Police refused to say where the mother was during the attack itself or immediately afterward. And they would not say what led to the arrests, or what the killers had against Cano.

    "There is a lot of father-son gang participation, even grandfather-father-son. But it's unusual to see mothers cheering on their sons in a violent gang conflict,"
    said gang expert Alex Alonso, who runs the Web site streetgangs.com. "They usually are naive about their son's activity, in denial. They always think other kids are involved in gangs but not theirs."

    Similar cases have surfaced in recent months. In a community outside Los Angeles, a 37-year-old mother drove her son's friends to a rival gang member's home for a drive-by shooting, police said. The mother was charged with assault.

    In October, police arrested a 42-year-old woman suspected of driving her two sons and three others in an SUV to a Los Angeles neighborhood to scrawl it with graffiti. The charges were dropped for lack of evidence.

    Prosecutors in Long Beach said Daley drove the teenagers to the scene "in furtherance of the gang" -- an allegation that could add 10 years to her 25-years-to-life sentence if she is convicted.

    Police said Daley knew her son and the others planned to kill Cano.

    "She wasn't taking them there to play in the park,"
    Officer Jackie Bezart said.

    Deputy District Attorney John Lonergan said investigators were still trying to determine whether Cano was a gang member or someone who had simply crossed the gang in some way.

    Police and Cano's family said he had been involved in at least one previous fight with the others.

    After Daley's arraignment Tuesday, a man supporting her screamed and lunged at Cano's family in a courthouse hallway and attacked a cameraman.

    Standing nearby, Cano's bleary-eyed mother, who declined to give her name, said she was more angry at Daley than at those who stabbed her son.

    "Taking children to do this?" she said in Spanish. "This I don't understand."


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    Forget "Soccer Moms" - now we have........

    DRIVE BY MOMS!!!!!
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    Who says families don't do do activities together anymore?
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    thats what you call All -In - the- Family!

    Crazy world I tell you!
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    very very sad. What has our world come to?
    I can see some teary eyed, worried but proud mom driving her son off to the bootcamp gates when her child has joined up (or been drafted back in the day) and is about to go off to war & defend/support/represent this wonderful country. Is that the kind of thought process that these women are going though? That their child is defending supporting their piece of turf and that is a valid & justifiable reason to do something like this? Are they that screwed up?
    hell in a hand basket. That's all I can think of, we all going to hell in a hand basket.
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    What's wrong with a parent being supportive of her kid's hobbies and even driving her kids to their activities?

    It is likely that this hobby is not just fun but is actual training for a probable career later in life.

    What parent would not want to support that?
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    Yeah! What MP said!

    In Detroit, she's be definitely in the running for Mother of the Year!!!

    :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

    Only, in Detroit they wouldn't use knives. Too messy!

    :shoot: :minigun: :flame: \:D/ :shoot:

    Ah yes..........

    There's nothing quite like a mother's love........

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    We're not complaining that she drove him. We're just pissed that she went and didn't even bother to help out! Parents aren't supposed to freeload until they're much older. At this stage in the game, she should've been teaching technique. It was irresponsible for her to wait by the car. What if their victim had survived? Think of the victim!
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    When you think you have heard it all. :shock:
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    :( What if Jose had been one of your kids?

    Life sucks.