Error on the Georgia Firearms License

Discussion in 'General GWL Questions' started by brianh, Aug 10, 2006.

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    EDIT: Sorry for this post, folks. I didn't take the time to see that a very similar issue was already being discussed a few posts back.

    After what I consider an unreasonably long wait my daughter finally got her Georgia Firearms License yesterday (applied for it on May 6th in Fayette County). She was obviously excited and happy, then shouted in anger when she noticed that her sex was listed as M (for male). I gently explained to her that it really was her fault because the court clerk gave her the card to review before signing and she should have noticed it.

    She intends to call the clerks office today, but I thought Id ask the group here if anyone has experience with an error like this on their permit and what does the law say about procedures to correct it. Will she have to re-submit? Will they just reissue a corrected permit on the spot? Is the permit invalid with an error like this?

    Thanks in advance!
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    The law doesn't really say anything about this. And, while your daughter probably should have caught the mistake, it was not her mistake in the first place. I would expect the probate court to correct the problem on the spot and issue her a revised license without fuss.

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    I would expect the same.

    But, then, what jrm and I expect may not be what the probate court does. After all, it is not like they get fired for poor customer service. It's not like you can go to a competitor. In fact, they get paid the same no matter what you do.

    But, if I were her, rather then calling, I would go in with a smile, act wounded, and inquire as to whether "My five o'clock shadow gave you the impression I was a man?"

    That ought to humanize it a little and get the clerk in the mood to help your daughter.
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    They also get paid the same no matter what they do, or so it would seem. :wink:
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    Thought it was only fair to hand out an attaboy to the ladies in the Fayette County Probate Court office. My daughter walked in today with her incorrect Ga. Firearms License. While she waited they reissued her a new card with no hassles. In fact, my daughter says that the ladies were very apologetic about the mistake. Good to go!