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EPA Set CO2 Regulations! BackDoor Cap and Trade

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While we were all sitting fat and happy during the holidays, the EPA is one step closer to a back-door way to get Cap and Trade Past! :evil: :evil: :evil:

EPA sets schedule to limit pollution from power plants, oil refineries
Final standards would be announced in 2012 for such facilities, which account for almost 40% of the nation's greenhouse gas emissions. Republicans and energy industry officials object.

Reporting from Washington â€"
The Environmental Protection Agency announced a timetable Thursday to curtail greenhouse gas emissions from two major sources of the pollution scientists link to global warming: power plants and oil refineries.

The announcement was the latest step in an ambitious effort to begin taking action on climate change, and it is certain to draw fire from congressional Republicans and industry leaders who have promised to halt the agency's efforts.

The new move toward far-reaching emissions rules comes as environmentalists had begun to worry that the Obama administration was easing its push in order to avoid confrontations with major industries in advance of the 2012 presidential campaign.
This isn't available for judicial review, either. This is a way that the Obama Administration has back-doored Cap and Trade! :evil:

This will make the cost of every form of energy that we use go up, in the middle of the worst recession since the great depression! This crap has got to stop!

Obama doesn't even need Congress to pass anything, he just gets one of the other unconstitutional bureaucratic organizations of his to pass regulations that screw the American people. :evil: ... 0504.story
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The EPA released the statement late Thursday......before Christmas.....nobody saw it.
Obama's got to do something to fluff up his list of so-called "accomplishments", even if he has to be sneaky in order to do it. Think about it, if you knew you were going to be voted out of office in a few short years, would you want the current healthcare legislation to be your legacy? :screwy:
The whole Cap and Trade concept is idiotic. It's like letting only the people who pay a fee smoke in public. If it's harming the environment, outlaw it straight out. If the harmful practice is important to our economy, give a warning a long time in advance that the outlaw is coming.
We have given way too much power to executive agencies to set policy.
Your Congress at work.
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