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Enemies Foreign and Domestic

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Please make no mistake about it. Immigration and refugee policies of the current bogus administration are being used as weapons to destroy America. Nothing more and nothing less. Joe Biden, his ilk and his puppet masters are attempting to put the very last nail in the coffin of what was the greatest Nation this world has ever known heretofore. He and they are truly, unarguably, Enemies Foreign and Domestic.
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It's Canada. I have always been in favor of invading British Columbia and seizing territory connecting Alaska and the mainland, ever since President Polk went back on his 54°40' or Fight campaign promise.

Much more important than some internal bickering with their socialist French government, about which I see no sense in getting involved and could not change the outcome in a foreign country even if I tried.

Next we know they will go on a hunger strike until they get some respect, eh.
You've aged well I'd say.
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Move along! Nothing to see here! Politifact has already stamped this as just conspiracy theory stuff so you know there is nothing to it.
Dozens of US Food Processing Plants Destroyed In Fires, Accidents In Recent Weeks (
Anyone here seen the documentary 2000 Mules?
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I watched the trailer, and, to be honest, it looks like it makes pretty dramatic claims that it will not possibly be able to back up.
I'm sorry Malum but your statement here renders any response to you as being totally pointless in my unlearned, oft times, downright stupid and lowly opinion.
There are others here more suited, in terms of temperament, intelligence and tolerance, to engage in thoughtful discourse with the likes of you, than I.
No sir, you actually displayed your closed mind with the "it will not possibly be able to back up", comment. You obviously have an agenda that goes beyond answering the simple question I posted. You watched the trailer and you have made up your mind that there is no way they can back up their claims.
And apparently, judging by the responses here, they didn't back up the promises made in the trailer. I can only go off what the rest of you have posted. You've seen it. I haven't. Apparently, it does not make its case very well.
Yessir. You can absolutely "go off what" others say and base your opinion on that.
I wanted to see the movie last week, but didn't want to have to go to Dothan to see it. They're saying that they are going to release everything they have. I guess we will see if they have any real evidence then.
It is available for 3 day rental or purchase on SalemNOW - Movies, Events, and More
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[QUOTE="Smilodon, post: 3074709, member: 69059]They're saying that they are going to release everything they have. I guess we will see if they have any real evidence then.
If they have evidence of malfeasance in there with holding it in order to make a movie, they are complicit.

Expect this movie to be a bunch of wild speculation peppered with sketchy circumstantial evidence.
complicit. Now that is an impactful and interesting word in the whole discussion of everything that is going on these days. I find myself using it often. A phrase I use often is silence is complicity.
The title erroneously attributes this particular action to idiocy as you can readily see. To those who have unseeing eyes and unhearing ears, the real cause of the current state of affairs in regard to this topic and others, is not as readily apparent as it is to others.
'Absolute Idiocy': Biden Blasted for Canceling Major Oil Leases Across Multiple States (
This was to me an interesting question.
Dinesh D'Souza



If cell phone geotracking can be reliably used by the Biden DOJ to establish if a January 6 defendant was inside or outside the door of the Capitol, why can’t it be reliably used to establish if mules were within a few feet of 10 or more ballot dropboxes? #2000Mules
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This IRS they speak of, is it our, as in We the People, IRS or is it "theirs", as in the government's?
Rep. Matt Gaetz: Biden's IRS Spent Approximately $700,000 on Ammo 'Between March and June 1' (
That is a separate debate from whether this latest purchase is merely a Biden administration ploy to corner the market in ammunition and leave us disarmed and helpless in the face of coming tyranny.
It is suggestive that it is merely thus/ I contend that it is more likely a continuation of plans long ago devised and implemented. We are in history where we are. We did not get here by happenstance. Trump banned bump stocks so I do not believe it to be a Republican vs Democrat conflict.
That is a separate debate from whether this latest purchase is merely a Biden administration ploy to corner the market in ammunition and leave us disarmed and helpless in the face of coming tyranny.
For the record. You are the one who couched this in terms of a singular debate, to be looked at under a microscope with no other variables to be considered to explain what is going on in this once great Nation.
I notice you didn't even address my question.
What record?

LOL, ok. I imagine a lot of posts on a discussion forum fall short of discussing all possible variables that might have some tangential relevance to whatever the original point was that was being made, which is, if you look at the article you link or Gaetz's assertions, simply the "singular debate" that I places under a microscope. I don't really see the need to apologize because you did not like what you saw under the microscope.

Nope. I addressed Gaetz's silly assertion.

My answer to your question ought to be well known to the point that your question would be taken by me as merely rhetorical. You and I have been here a long time, and you really don't know me or my position on this matter of your question? Reiterating my prior posts on the Sixteenth Amendment and income taxes seemed really off topic when compared to the thesis being presented by Gaetz.
You are correct that I really don't know you or your position. I have my suspicions but that is all.
What's the name of this thread again? It is this thread in particular which I chose to post that story because I believe that the story is illustrative of another figurative dot in the connect the dots exercise in which I engage and in which I would hope others engage. Some people cannot or will not because they wish to or currently are benefitting from the assault on the Constitution which continues and appears to be accelerating. Some of those folk deny the truth.
I think the purchase was just business as normal, planned spending, as a part of a budget set some time ago.
i concur
A website on which the 2000 mules documentary can be watched in full popped up on my radar today.
2000 Mules | FULL DOCUMENTARY | Patriot News Outlet (
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