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Enemies Foreign and Domestic

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Please make no mistake about it. Immigration and refugee policies of the current bogus administration are being used as weapons to destroy America. Nothing more and nothing less. Joe Biden, his ilk and his puppet masters are attempting to put the very last nail in the coffin of what was the greatest Nation this world has ever known heretofore. He and they are truly, unarguably, Enemies Foreign and Domestic.
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These are scary times indeed. How can we stop this?
We cannot and will not until there is enough pain and we have not reached that point yet. It will be reached at some point. It is and never will be to late to regain freedoms lost. Just takes longer and the cost will be higher.
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It’s almost like there’s a detectable pattern here.
Yes but which direction is the wind blowing?:cool:
In complete control.
You typically do not accept my counterpoints to your anti-immigration views.
  • Immigrants have significantly lower crime rates than native citizens.
  • Pretty much every economic boom in the history the US has been fueled by immigrants.
  • Artificially low immigration caps continue to result in off-shoring of jobs and loss of economic leadership and innovation by the US.
  • Undocumented immigrants pay substantial taxes without the benefits.
  • There is no instant ”I crossed the border now I get welfare lottery”; It takes 10 years for even documented immigrants to be eligible for welfare.
To claim a loss of sovereignty, you will have to provide your current definition of sovereignty for me to understand your complaints, I don’t see the President of Mexico moving into the Whitehouse nor China annexing 5 states nor Russia installing Senators.

I’m patriotic. I may grumble about the amount of taxes I pay or if my favorites lose in the election but I was raised to view voting, accepting the outcome of elections, and paying taxes as deeply patriotic duties. I still believe that the US, for all her flaws, is still the best country in the world and I believe we have a duty to share that success with any others who wish to participate similarly. I believe we’re still flawed and we’ve still made some mistakes (the 17th amendment, capping the size of the House, and prohibition come to mind) but I also believe we’re better today than we ever have been. Definitely better than 200 years ago. Definitely better than 100 years ago. Definitely better than 50 years ago.

That all being said, here is the crux of where I don’t follow: I don’t see a pending dissolution of the US. I see an alienated hard-right micro-minority unwilling to trade in facts blustering about with phrases and notions of violence and bloodshed and gallows for reasons wildly beyond my comprehension. It’s not that I’m not open to explanation either. Explanations have been seriously lacking. Facts willfully discarded. Agitprop valued over real dialog. What really fries my brain though is the hard-left side of the spectrum still talks facts once the barrier of emotional arguments is breached. The fact that such an asymmetry even exists compounds just my “I just don’t get it” statement here.

If you want my view of the next 50-100 years? Global governance is coming. We have a choice in being the single defining voice above all others or shirking that responsibility and accepting (through force, economic hardship, or irrelevance) whatever is defined in our absence. Closing the doors all but ensures we eventually accept instead of define.
You could have just as easily said that I am a Man whose politics and beliefs fall left of center. Nothing wrong with that. Mine fall right of center. That means I disagree with every word you said here except "I’m patriotic". I believe in your own way you believe you are. Just as I believe I am. From one Patriot to another have a great day.
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Why bring additional government scrutiny to this place for the benefit of a non-2A topic?
What are you implying? That the governmeant will put more rescouces on this site than the one's already here. I don't think we have enough traffic to justify more. What's here should be adequate.
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It is the job of a Democrat appointee judge to declare what the law should be, which means things like the Second Amendment protects no individual right whatsoever, abortion is in the constitution (somewhere), and so is homosexual marriage.
I glad you closed with that. Makes your point perfectly I think.
And this SCOTUS has been doing all that you claim is its job consistently over the years hasn't it. Without waver.
Saying that we cannot deport a illegal enemy/weapon that is part of the war to destroy American Sovereignty and this Constitutional Republic is crap. They are aiding and abetting a law breaker to be here and to continue to break the law. They are supposed to be upholding it. It is illegal to enter the US illegally is it not? Where is the justice for Americans? Not in any branch of the ex American Government. These types of decisions make a mockery of the rule of law and they do it using semantics.
"Where is the justice for Americans"?
The Court upholding the Federal Law as written in this case ( or any case) I believe is justice for all Americans.
Now with that said I don't like it a damn bit, but at some point the law has to be upheld regardless of what we think should be done. It just needs to be upheld all the time and not just by a few. Don't worry I've not been converted. We just see this one different. Now as to the Court passing on cases I have no answer for that bag of worms.
This seems a fitting place for the link below. A good read. Keep it it mind for when you have time to read it carefully.

The problem is it’s all premised on a very unsupportable hypothetical ”IF” that lacks factual basis. An act of insurrection based on myth and rumor is treason and not patriotism.
The article is based on IF that happen. If it was proven by fact and if it indeed was proven to have happen. I see nowhere it stated insurrection based on rumor and other bullshit should happen. Your last sentence is correct.
Okay, less polite mode.
I felt every thing has been polite and still is. Have a great afternoon.
And here we are busting our asses trying to make a living, giving our family what they need, staying out of trouble and those of us with white skin and male who support the Constitution as written are deemed terrorist. What a damn mess.
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The other side is definitely winning!
For now it would seem they are. For now. I still have hope. For that hope I am sure the sleazy bastards monitoring us deem me a threat. If having hope for our Country to get back on an even keel makes me a threat then I am. A big one.
Have you noticed how silent many have become about whats going on in this Country. Think about it. That silence is everywhere and it is deafening. January 6th was a mistake period. It did however have the desired effect on freedom loving conservatives in this Country. Like I said the silence is deafening.
That would be Nancy Pelosi, yes? Oh, shit!
STFU :eek:
If that is the case then the whole thing needs to be dismantled and we start over from scratch because it is too far gone to "fix" .
I don't think the parts to fix it are available anymore.
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They can't have your replacements dropping dead in the months and years to come.
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The same federal government with its various and sundry administrations and such that tells you the Chines virus is deadly, quarantine, mask, get vaccinated, does this...let that sink in...WATCH: Biden Admin Mass Releases Single Adult Migrants into Texas Border City (
Those are the one's that will replace you at some point. Just part of the plan. Two million since brandon took office. Very few sent back. It's brandons only plan that seems to be working.
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They have armed law enforcement who must practice, qualify, and have duty ammunition. Ammunition purchases are a regular part of government operations for any agency with firearms, just a part of the budget.
#2 pencils should be all they require.
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And the guy who stabbed his attacker in new york city got what for a bond amount to begin with.
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It's ironic that leftist states like NY are making it intolerable for the leftists to live there, so they spread out to better states and bring their leftist garbage with them.
No receipts needed on that one. Just sit back and pay attention.
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