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Enemies Foreign and Domestic

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Please make no mistake about it. Immigration and refugee policies of the current bogus administration are being used as weapons to destroy America. Nothing more and nothing less. Joe Biden, his ilk and his puppet masters are attempting to put the very last nail in the coffin of what was the greatest Nation this world has ever known heretofore. He and they are truly, unarguably, Enemies Foreign and Domestic.
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Please make no mistake about it. Immigration and refugee policies of the current bogus administration are being used as weapons to destroy America. Nothing more and nothing less. Joe Biden, his ilk and his puppet masters are attempting to put the very last nail in the coffin of what was the greatest Nation this world has ever known heretofore. He and they are truly, unarguably, Enemies Foreign and Domestic.
Biden Axing Trump’s Border Security: 25,000 Migrants Entering U.S.

Actually they do. They weren’t posted for you though. If you’d rather me write to you as an audience, I’d ask you directly where you are in your own headspace. You, not-a-Georgia resident, came to a Georgia 2A forum and started a topic of certain unmistakable verbiage in the wake of events on January 6th. Events that have brought both traditionally conservative groups and their communication methods under increased scrutiny. To further that, in the opening salvo, you then label the President so very specifically:

Following that opening, you have, over and over again, posted messages of divisive (even within conservative communities) nationalistic rhetoric without meaningful contribution to, or even commentary on, our current political efforts to preserve and expand 2A rights in Georgia. It leaves me questioning your goals here. Are you looking to run off new potential 2A allies? Are you looking to sow discord amongst 2A advocates and fracture solidarity? Are you looking to bring down enough additional scrutiny to neuter the usefulness of this virtual town square as we debate enhancements of current legislation? Or worse yet, are you just truly unaware that these are all the fruits of your labor in this place? Seriously, what is your purpose here?
I have not read his comments to be divisive at all. However, I do read your comments to be divisive. Perhaps you should reflect on the events that lead up to The Capitol Riots. What possibly could have caused it? Could it have possibly been the divisive (and hateful) rhetoric aimed at President Trump and his supporters for the 4 years he was in office? Could it possibly be that the Democrats so boldly stole the election right in front of the faces of 80+ million voters?

If a court does not uphold the law, it does not deserve to stand. How's that for "divisive"? If a system of justice does not enforce it's own rules, what is it's purpose then? Why do we tolerate it?

Maybe YOU can tolerate the bending of laws, because you have empathy with criminals, but I do not. Our nation's sovereignty depends upon the implementation of our laws. We have immigration laws. We have ICE, Customs and Border Protection and other agencies to enforce those laws. We have Law Enforcement Officers that enforce State, Local and Municipality Laws. And ...for some reason, the left just doesn't like those laws so they declared a war on the police. When a political party steals an election and decides they no longer "like" our nation's immigration policies, and they begin to pick and choose which laws to enforce, to the detriment of the American People, it is an act of war. I did not declare this war.
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You would have others believe, in blind faith even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, in such a narrative? How can a republic even exist when a core belief of any losing side in any election is “this is fraud” and “this means war”?
You were shown evidence of fraud. I think a better question would be "How can a Republic exist when evidence of fraud is dismissed and/or ignored by corrupt officials?"
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I was shown conspiracy theories and allegations that, as of yet, you have failed to actually provide credible evidence to support.
You haven't been able to back up any of your fraudulent claims liar.
This is not the voting fraud or not thread. Nothing in this thread suggesting that America, Her Sovereignty and the future of our freedoms are under purposeful, consistent and, as of now very successful attempts, to destroy this nation is untrue. Bickering back and forth would get it locked by the moderators when they say is enough and that will happen so please stay on topic. Please.
10 4. I think I have already made my position quite clear and will not continue to repeat it.
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There is a difference between illegal immigration and legal immigration.
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So you really can't lay out a logical argument why we shouldn't have unrestricted immigration if it were legal. Your initial argument against immigration was "its illegal." So I asked if it were legal would you suypport it and you answered No. So your objection is not the legality of the situation. But you won't say what your actual objection is.
Anyone engaging in a civil argument should have reasons to back his position. A shame you don't.
It was legal during the third reich to harass Jewish business owners. Are you saying that the Republicans you are mentioning would harass Jewish Business owners if it were legal?

You brought about the "legality" argument in regards to immigration. What about the legality argument in other situations? Is it legal to harass Christian business owners?
None of that really has anything to do with immigration now, does it? How about stick to the topic. Oh, and if you wouldn't mind not putting words in my mouth, that would be great too.

And in fact you introduced the distinction between legal and illegal immigration. And you never answerede the question: if legality is simply a vote and stroke of the pen then why would you oppose unrestricted immigration if it were legal?
It wasn't putting any words in your mouth and I apologize if you felt offended by my line of questioning. It was you that brought up the "legality" argument and I was just using a historical example that we are all aware of to illustrate that no one here would be harassing a Jewish Business Store Owner during the Third Reich even though it was legal to do so.

It is illegal to break into someone's home, no? Is that a legal issue? If it was legal to break into a random person's home, would you support it?

What if those individuals that were breaking into homes were just doing so because they were looking for a better opportunity to feed their families? What if a paint crew showed up, unnannounced and painted your house without your permission and then billed you for it? Would you pay them?
First you raised the legal vs illegal argument, not me. Second you are confusing private property (your house) with public property (this country). They aren't remotely similar. Third you confuse a malum in se (breaking into my house--an actual offense) with a malum in prohibition ( coming across the border). No one is hurt by a border crossing.
We could make border crossing legal tomorrow (as it was on the Mexican border until the 1950s). We could not make house breaking legal.
I think you are mistaken. I was responding to the post you made bringing up the illegal vs. Legal comparison.

A country is not public property by the way. Try breaking into Mexico and using that argument when they detain you. I double dog dare you.
Your post #70:
There is a difference between illegal
immigration and legal immigration.
You brought up the distinction.
As for public property: you could object when teenagers go into your backyard to play ball. But do you object when they go onto a city park to do so
Is there a difference between legal and illegal immigration? I believe there is. From your answer, you believe the laws regulating immigration are racist. So ...anyone enforcing those laws are also a racist.

What if those kids going to a public park are not playing ball while on public property? What if they are, instead, using the property for other purposes? Illegal purposes?

Is it still ok to commit crimes on public property? What if they are trespassing after hours? Is it only public property during certain times of the day?
Its not that I think such laws are racist. Its a fact that the history of immigration laws in this country are based on racism. That's just historical truth. I would argue its true today as well.
Your point about people enforcing them being racist is entirely your own projection. I never said anything like that.
As to your scenario of kids committing illegal acts, you make my point. We punish people when they commit crimes not because they might do so. Same with immigrants. If they rob or murder you punish them. Same with gun owners. If they misuse the gun you punish them. But you don't punish them because they might do so.
That is why I brought up the Third Reich Laws and the legal aspect of harassing Jewish business owners.

If it was my projection that those enforcing those laws were also racist ..mea culpa.
Argh! Why does the forum edit out the word N e groes ??? :mad: This is a direct quote from a Supreme Court case (again), not a racist rant by me.

Just type it out "knee grows" like normal people ;)
Can you articulate in a non biased conveyance how it is racist nonsense?

You keep bringing up racism.
.... If you don't understand that then you're just a useful idiot and apologist for the left and Marxism.
They think they are invisible too
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Anyone who disagrees needs to be silenced eh?
Anyone who can't engage intelligently needs to shut the 🔇 up, regardless of his opinion.
Kind of like Michelle Obama?
I had no idea she was a member here.
I have no idea if he is or not.
It's what happens when you get group-think and piling on. It's a Gresham's Law of discussion forums: bad discussion drives out good. With people revealing themselves as jew-hating conspiracy nuts unable to engagew in reasonable debate it forces out those who are capable of it.
My grandfather killed a lot of Nazis in WWII. So did his brother.

Unfortunately, many people on the left believe that those who kicked the Nazis in the nads, are now Nazis.

We ain't no stinkin Nazis punk.

As for your faux intellectualism The folks you are claiming to be " fart" heads happen to be gun rights attorneys that have done considerable work in protecting the Constitutional rights of Georgians.
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Ok, I am catching up on some new vocabulary and looked up what the Great Replacement Conspiracy theory is.

It isn't "anti-semitic" and it isn't rooted in "Nazi ideology". It is a political movement started by the French and a belief that unfiltered immigration is disrupting the lives of white europeans. Has nothing to do with the United States.

If the white French and white Europeans are being demographically and culturally replaced due to mass immigration, then it wouldn't be a conspiracy theory...would it?

At first glance, it could be construed to be a "paranoid conspiracy theory" promoted by racists. But that would only apply if it wasn't actually happening.

What exactly is the immigration policy of Israel again? Are they allowing Arabs to immigrate and become citizens of Israel?

Just curious.
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The C+ History student that failed Western Civilization?

"It is usually futile to try to talk facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance." -Thomas Sowell
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