Emory - Most Underrated Law Schools

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    Several members on GPO are Georgia and Emory law folks. I thought you find this encouraging. Of course, Emory is still looking for the football team. The team got lost at the mall.

    The Vault's List of the Top 25 Most Underrated Law Schools: The Vault has recently conducted a survey of legal recruiters designed to generate a list of the Top 25 most underrated law schools (hat tip: Paul Caron).

    The top ten most underrated schools were:

    1. Emory

    2. Fordham

    3. Howard

    4. Chicago-Kent

    5. Oregon

    6. George Mason

    7. Illinois

    8. William & Mary

    9. Vanderbilt

    10. Georgia
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    Nice but Expensive

    Emory is a great school, and the Law program is top-notch. But it's expensive. $27,000 per year for 3 years of law school tuition, and you won't have time to work, so you'll be in the hole for something like $150,000 by the time you graduate and, several months later, pass the bar. Public schools with low prices for in-state residents may be a better "value," depending on what kind of career in law you are hoping for and what your earnings in that field are likely to be.

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    Do you have a link for this?