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Ecuadorian Disarmament

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Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa launched the Ecuador Without Weapons program, following six deaths this year of minors in gun fights in coastal Ecuadorean city, Guayaquil.

Speaking on his Saturday radio show, Correa said "Ecuador is going to be a nation without guns, where our children can walk the streets in peace". ... 80994.html
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Here we go. I cant wait to hear the libs take on this........Although those countries are controlled mainly by illegal business anyways.
And once he gets all the guns he can pull a Hugo Chavez. "No freedom for you!"
He also said that illegal munitions factories would be searched, closed and their owners be jailed.
And this is ground-breaking because... how? They've let all these illegal muntions factories get a free pass until now when they finally decide to get tough?

Has there ever been a ban on weapon ownership in the history of man that ever resulted in a lasting peace? :?
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