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I know there are a lot of us here that are "climate change deniers" or just simple believed it is not cause by man, ie. Ice ages and fluctuations in our world's temperature are natural and cyclical. Remember the global cooling for the 70s? Well now its global warming, and so on. Plus with the big climate gate scandal proving that the whole thing is a made up hoax anyway. Also remember that billions of dollars of our money is being spent on battling this evil climate change as well.

Well here is the video by 10:10, an eco-facist global group that put out a video where climate change deniers are killed in a violent and bloody explosion. All the way from school children to co-workers. They want us to cut 10% of our carbon emissions this year, starting in 2010.

Warning: Very violent and gory, not safe for children to watch.

Here is a good run down of the current situation with eco-fascist:

Remember, our own Science Czar, John P Holdren, penned a text book called Eco-Science where he wants a global authority that forces sterilization by putting chemicals in the water and having forced abortions to combat the scourge of over-population, and all the evil things that does to the environment.

So just to simple sit back and laugh at these people, we have one of these lunatics in our government right now.

These people have stated that you should either be jailed or even executed by anyone who would deny "man-made climate change."

Its something to keep an eye on. This isn't something to just laugh off and ignore.

I know for a fact that they are teaching this exact rhetoric to our children in school. My wife's brother comes home all the time telling us that the world is going to end soon if we do not quit emitting CO2 into the atmosphere. What do you think that kind of indoctrination is going to do to his generation?

I repeat, this isn't something to ignore.

I watch the watchers
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A dangerous bunch, but do not worry, my friend, by the end of the week it will be the previous administration's fault. :?
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