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EBT It's Free, This is getting ridiculous

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NSFW! LANGUAGE! I know there's been other songs glorifying EBT, but they just continue to make it out to be something that's free, luxurious and awesome, when producers, taxpayers are paying for it and we are even going further into debt for it, this is just getting ridiculous and out of control.

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I don't think song is glorifying welfare.
I don't think song is glorifying welfare.
Maybe not to you, but to certain demographics yes, and it's fairly obvious that there is humor to be meant in the video, but these people still mean to glorify its use and act like it is the best thing that's ever happened to them. The woman at the end of the video even goes further to explain to women that they need to get on EBT.

Another great video shamelessly promoting EBT.
You must have went to the store today. Get your groceries before the 1st or wait a week after and you won't be so annoyed. :)
There is very little I can say that won't get me in trouble. Going back to here is your block of surplus cheese, loaves of white bread and powered milk might be a start.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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