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Eating Rightly Is Not That Complicated

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We have hugely popular figures like Dr. Oz telling us to eat truck loads of grains and fruit, along with the mainstream news telling us that each whole egg we consume takes a specific amount of time off our lives. Let us not forget television commercials and billboards telling us that a cardboard box full of sugary, processed little hoops “may help lower cholesterolâ€. On Monday we are told eggs are a healthy food and oats are bad, by Thursday we are told eggs are bad and oats are actually a healthy food. Hypocritical statements like this are fueled by powerful industries attempting to sell their product via lobbyist-induced government recommendations and are quite common in today’s corrupt system. As with most dilemmas, the best thing to do is take a step back and utilize the long lost art of critical thinking, in order to determine an appropriate solution.
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read that again. It should also be noted that attempting to eat a vegetarian or vegan diet in this “natural†situation would ultimately lead to starvation, most notably in the winter months. In other words, based on the way that we evolved, a vegan diet equals death.
It doesn't exactly factor in nuts, dried beans, and winter vegetables. Certainly you're not going to live as a vegan in a polar coastal climate but rice has been gathered in temperate climates without cultivation level efforts for as long as civilization can remember. Definitely not as high a calorie return as other options, but sufficient to feed more people than it takes to gather.
I do not think he was talking about "civilization" in this article. I am sure nuts would be fine with the writer, although he might describe them as seasonal, as he did with fruits.
It's not that hard if you try to learn how to do it and not take what you read on a box as the gospel, but a lot of people just don't know any better. The doc you recommended profiled two parents that thought they were doing the right thing with their overweight kids. They heard over and over and over that low fat this and that was the way to go. One of the parents got "lean" or "low fat" hot pockets for their child thinking they were doing the right thing. The other one was feeding her daughter cereals. That "healthy heart" symbol is on a lot of foods and people don't know it's BS.
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