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    This happened last week, just another reason to make sure you have easy access to your firearm while driving.

    Atlanta Road Rage Killing Suspect Arrested

    POSTED: 5:54 am EDT May 8, 2007
    UPDATED: 7:21 am EDT May 8, 2007

    ATLANTA -- A man is in the Fulton County Jail charged with murder in an apparent road rage case in which he is accused of stabbing a man to death a week ago in Atlanta.

    The fugutive squad arrested Zakar Ahmath Yasharahla Monday. He is charged with murder in the death of 23-year-old Anthony Newberry a week ago at Northside Drive at North Avenue in front of his wife and four-year-old daughter.

    The suspect's attorney -- Noah Pines -- says his client, who works for a plumbing repair service, was acting in self-defense. He says Newberry confronted Yasharahla and that his client was defending himself.

    Newberry was going to a friend's house. The family had planned to stay there overnight because his daughter was scheduled to have her tonsils out the next day.

    A relative says Newberry noticed a white box van following too closely on Interstate 85. The family has speculated that Newberry tapped his brakes to make the man stop, which may have been what set the man off.

    Yasharahla is scheduled to appear before a judge at 11 a.m. Tuesday at the jail.
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    Yes, I acted in self defense when I followed this guy to his destination, got out with a knife, and stabbed him to death in front of his wife and 4 year old daughter and fled.

    Should lawyers who make such ridiculous claims be disbarred?
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    I think dismembered would be a more appropriate action! How can someone defend scum like this and call themselves human?
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    I think dismembered would be a more appropriate action! How can someone defend scum like this and call themselves human?[/quote:3lbbjlh0]

    It's all about the paycheck. :shakehead:
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    They have to vigorously defend their client.

    But saying BS like that is a little over the top.
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    Although I don't admire them, SOMEONE has to defend them......after all, we are innocent until proven guilty.
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    +1 Bigtime. Although the stabber is a scumbag (in my opinion) we have to have equal protection.
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    That is exactly what I mean. Yes, vigorous, but no, not BS.
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    A buddy since grade school is one of the top defence lawyers in Louisville. One evening, after a few "adult beverages", he confided the first order of business, when he gets a new client, is to get the guy out on bail because, "While he's in jail, he can't steal enough to pay my fees. Ohh, Err, {burp}, Uh donn tel nobodys Ah says dat. OK?"...

    I don't know if he was joking or not, but I suspect not.

    If I were ever in serious legal trouble in KY, he's the first person I'd call as he has an enviable record of getting some real scumbags off scott free.

    Another buddy and former co-worker, is an assistant US attorney. They're not only opponents in court, they're golfing buddies. Once a week; every week! Ya gotta luv the lawyering business... Much like the old wild west between the ranchers and the sheep herders and/or farmers; those who hired the best gunslinglers won the day!

    Yee Haw!!!
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    The victim GOT OUT of his car to confront the tailgater/reckless driver. By no means does that mean he deserved to be stabbed to death, but in this case, easy access to a gun in his car wouldn't have helped. Unless he stayed in it or was approached.

    I feel the victim used poor judgement in this case. I wouldn't have stopped unless I was hit. And if I was at all concerned I would call the cops while in my car. With my pistol in my hand. Let him try to stab me through a car window while dodging 7 .45 rounds screaming towards his COM.

    Very sad though. Lessons can be learned by all. Don't confront the crazy guy who acts a fool in traffic. Not worth it. Especially while armed. Let him pass. If he chases you, pull into a public place and call the cops. If he acts agressive, drive away. If you can't drive away and he is still agressive... well...
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    The news report on Channel 11 stated that witnesses saw the driver of the car get out and go back to the guy in the van and strike him. The driver of the van defended himself. Witness reports do bolster the self defense case.