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At least during the tournament, they had metal detectors and big no weapons signs up...IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD NO LESS. No, I didn't go, but I had to slow to a crawl around one of their search points at one of the back gates. If you're going to ban guns, fine, you're private, whatever (though I disagree with that interpretation of the 2nd and 4th), but keep it on YOUR property.
My dad used to take us there when I was kid; I have many memories from there. However, the surrounding neighborhood made worry even as a child in the 80's. I have no idea what it is like now, but I highly doubt I would ever want to go there unarmed.

So the signs in the road? Could a person have kept a weapon in the car, should said person had attended?
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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