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Getting MoH?

EA's Medal of Honor

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Who's getting it?
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Armageddon it.
Not right away, but when I eventually am done with Halo Reach.
I've played the closed beta as well as the open beta. My answer, NO. Not till a lot is fixed and changes are made. Small maps, feels like COD and a list of 30 gripes on bugs is what I saw.

Hackers have already got the codes up on the web and a lot of games were invaded by them. People were pissed off to no end I tell ya. The EA forums are riddled with complaints.
I'm not so sure I'm interested in playing it now they removed the Taliban as one of the playable characters due to offended families and claiming it could be used as a recruiting tool. I understand why people would want it removed but how far do we move to eliminate everything that offends/hurts us? Should we no longer have cop shows because some of us have been victims of robberies? Eh I dunno.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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