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Discussion in 'How to' started by goldspy, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. goldspy

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    I see most people indicate approximately how many rounds have been shot through the guns they are selling. Other then obvious wear, is there a good way to gauge if the answer is true or not?
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    I've seen nearly pristine firearms with thousands of rounds through them and I've seen well used firearms that have hardly put a round downrange. A barrel lasts for several thousands of rounds before it may need replacement, so it's the overall quality of care I'd worry most about in a firearm.

    Which would you rather have, a car that's 3yrs old and maintained by a teenager, or one that's 10yrs old and has only been driven to church and back by a little old lady? (Yes, gross assumptions, guys, but I think you get the drift.)
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    The rifling (when clean) can tell you a good bit about the condition of the gun as can the chamber(s).

    I'd take a rang gun that saw 100-200 rounds and a good cleaning monthly for 10 years over an EDC that has been through 4 boxes of ammo, gone swimming a few times and been cleaned once in 3 years.
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    everytime I've looked at a used car the salesman has said it belonged to a little old lady that only drove it back and forth to church :D
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    I just picked a gun from someone on Monday night. The previous owner said that he had owned the gun for about 12yrs, 2-300 rounds thru it, and had never cleaned it.

    It was in such good shape other than needing a good cleaning, I bought it anyway.

    It took me a good 1/2 hr - 45 minutes to get it clean as it should be.

    But, it sure does shine now. :)

    Hope to make it to range tonight to put some rounds thru it.
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    Depends on the gun and whether I thought the swim resulted in any rusting or weakness. 120 cleanings will wear down the rifling a good bit. By then, it would probably shoot like a Beretta.
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    I was gonna buy a .357 hog once. The guy said he never fired it after the first few shots the day he bought it. I believed him. When he showed me the revolver it was covered in dirt, grim, goo, and jelly.

    Yes. Jelly. Grape.

    I didn't buy it. He even dropped the price $50. I asked him where he stored it.

    On the floorboard, no case, with the rest of the garbage.
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    Thanks for all the info. I appreciate all the responses.