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Dry Lube

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Hey, I was in my favorite gun store the other day and saw a can of S&W Dry Lube. Says it lubes with no oily residue....So, I bought a can of it just to check it out.

I haven't used it yet other than spraying a little on the bench to see what it was. It almost seemed like an alcohol base of some sort, it did dry and leave no oily residue.

Anyone use this? Does it really lubricate as well as an oil base lube?

I have used Break Free for more years than I have fingers to count on and never had any issues with it, other than getting a little carried away with it leaves everything oily.
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tdporter said:
Just to clarify, I am referring to firearm lubrication. [-X
Tom thanks for clearing that up. In my opinion no matter what you are trying to lubricate the words "dry" and "lube" are usually at the opposite ends of the spectrum from each other.
After clarifying that you were talking about lube for your guns (that's what the kids are calling them nowadays) I would have expected a few more serious responses?

Have you tried it yet Tom (on your firearms)? Do you have an initial opinion? I know that most people here compare Breakfree with New Shiimmer from the old SNL skits (a great floor polish and dessert topping). I like it pretty well but in my experience it has the ability to make a firearm bleed oil for weeks if it isn't applied in VERY small doses. I also have a tube of the Wilson Combat grease that I use the contact points on slides, etc. Just a small dab of that seems to work very well to put some lube right where you want it without getting oil everywhere.

Just my opinions, your mileage may vary. Again really just trying to get past GPDO Newbie and give a bump to a friends post.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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