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Drug War Another Battle Won

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Last week, drug czar John Walters said that people who grow marijuana are terrorists. 'These people are armed; they're dangerous,' Walters said. He called them 'violent criminal terrorists.'"

"Walters must be referring to people like Anthony Diotaiuto, a 23-year-old bartender and part-time student. ..."

"... the drug warriors conducted a pre-dawn raid on Diotaiuto's home, battering down his front door without warning When the raid was over, Diotaiuto lay dead in his closet, his body riddled with ten bullet holes. The drug warriors' story about what happened has changed several times since the incident. ... the drug warriors in all likelihood saved us from another dangerous, marijuana-smoking criminal terrorist." ... inion5.txt
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In Charlotte, N.C., drug warriors got a tip that someone there was distributing cocaine, so they burst into the suspect home using a flashback grenade. Four men were there playing cards. One of them, 56-year-old Charles Irwin Potts, was wearing his legally owned and carried handgun. The drug warriors shot him four times in the chest, killing him. The three witnesses, who believed the house was being robbed, said Potts' gun never left its holster. The drug warriors found no cocaine, and made no arrests. An internal investigation vindicated the agents.
It does cause laziness and stupidity, though. :wink:
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