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Driving to New Orleans

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I am going to be taking a trip to New Orleans for work soon and I have been looking at the gun laws in AL, MS, and LA on But any tips about any of these states? I am not as worried about AL and MS because we will just be driving through.

Looking at LA law I will not be able to carry much because you can't carry anywhere that serves alcohol and most of the trip will be taking customers out for dinners etc. It also looks like signs carry the weight of law in LA so here's a question....what if when I arrive at the hotel I see a no guns sign at the door? :?

My plan is to take my lil KelTec for Pocket Carry and my 1911 because I don't leave home w/out my 1911 8)

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Geez, I hope this doesn't cause a huge decrease in GCO membership, but if it were me doing that trip, I'd be carrying everywhere in Nawlins. Sorry, I can't help you much on the gun laws, but I'm from southern LA, have lived in New Orleans, and I think you'd do well to carry as much as possible.
You are gonna have to verify all the laws yourself, but......

I'm from La. but I havent been 'home' since the '08 Mardi Grais. I carried almost everywhere. I know a few laws have changed. The biggest thing is bars.....if it's a bar (50% or better of it revenue from selling booze) no carry. Restruant, booze or not, good to go. Just stay outta the 'bar' area if the place has one.

The 'catch-all' with that is if you pay to get in and/or you can smoke anywhere in the establishment, no carry.

For the life of me I can't remember if La. is a 'tell' or 'don't tell' state WRT LEO's. I DO know that Nawlins' isn't the most gun-friendly city in Louisiana. Everywhere else you go it a GREAT state though. It's a fun place overall.
NOLA is one of the places you NEED a gun. Carry as much as you can.
GAGunOwner said:
NOLA is one of the places you NEED a gun. Carry as much as you can.
5 shot in a bar: ... latestnews

Teens in a bar? check. Law-abiding citizen carrying into a bar? noooooooooooo
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