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Driver Accuses State Attorney Of Waving Gun At Him

POSTED: 6:06 pm EDT May 8, 2007

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- He's normally a prosecutor for the State Attorney General. Now Carlos Ivanor is under investigation for brandishing a gun on a busy road.

What started as an argument at a red light in Daytona Beach, escalated into something much more serious. A Deltona man said a lawyer, with the Florida Attorney General's Office, threatened him with a gun while driving down International Speedway Boulevard.

According to the victim in the case, the attorney was trying to change lanes at LPGA Boulevard and International Speedway Boulevard. When the man didn't let him in, the lawyer became angry very angry.

"I had no indication as to who he was," the victim, who wants to hide his identity for fear of retaliation, said.

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The man, Deltona construction worker, was driving to work last Thursday, when he decided to change lanes and decided not to let the man in the maroon Mercedes cut in front of him.

"We were approaching a stoplight," he said.

The man in the Mercedes, later identified as Assistant Attorney General Carlos Ivanor, Jr., then got very upset, according to the man.

"He was screaming," he said.

The two kept driving and tempers flared. Admittedly, the victim also lost his cool.

"And I returned a hand gesture," he said.

Then, the man said, as Ivanor raced down the road screaming, "Let's go! Let's do this!" he reached down to the passenger seat, unzipped a black file folder and pulled out a weapon.

"It was up high. He was holding it like this, thrusting it back and forth," he said.

Deputies on scene told the victim that Ivanor didn't do anything that could get him arrested and that he would likely face reprimand from his employer, the state of Florida.

That didn't sit well with the victim, who later decided to take the case to Daytona Beach police.

Florida Statute 790.10 says, in part, that anyone using a weapon in a threatening manner, not in self defense, should be guilty of a first-degree misdemeanor.

"He was, at the bare minimum, trying to intimidate me," the man said.

The Attorney General's Office has yet to make a comment on the case. Ivanor was not in the office, Tuesday.

Daytona Beach police said they are still deciding if charges will be filed against Ivanor and would not give any indication as to what sort of time frame they are working on.
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