Douglas County Wait????

Discussion in 'GWL News & Information' started by python2, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. python2

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    Has anyone gotten a permit from douglas county lately? It's now been 74 days since I applied. The lady told me it's been taking 3 to 4 months at the time I applied. Just wondering cause I've heard of some people getting them in 2 months or less and I don't have a criminal record at all so the background shouldn't take long.
  2. SheriffOconee

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    call the Sheriff's Office and find out WHEN they submitted your fingerprints. Then find out who completes the form at the SO to return to the Judge. Talk to that person (might take a while, I suggest starting with the Chief Deputy) and find out when the form was returned to the Probate Judge. Post the reply here please. IF you can talk to Sheriff Miller I urge you to do so...