Douglas County Sheriff’s Handgun Clinic

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    This past Tuesday night me, my wife and son attended the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Public Handgun Clinic. We had a small class of about 11.

    The first part of the class focused on the laws about gun ownership and carrying. They seemed to have everything pretty up to date with the current laws. My wife did ask “can my gun be loaded when in my car?†and the officers answer was “why would you want to carry around a paper weightâ€. My wife then asked what if she is pulled over by an LEO. The officers answer was “great question, we would prefer you to have your hands at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel and when we get to the window you tell us that you have a weapon in the car. I would then ask you to exit the car to separate you from your weapon for my safety and to verify your permit and that you can legally posses the weapon†I suspect this answer may cause some debate on this forum. In general the officers teaching the class seemed to be very pro-carry.

    The second part of the class focused on safe handling of hand guns and good shooting practices and techniques.

    Then we all went out into the range to do some shooting. An officer helped each person get started then they left you alone to shoot on your own. The officer working with me seemed to really take a liking to my 9mm Kimber. He jumped at the chance when asked him if he wanted to shoot it. I let him shoot my last magazine. He seemed to really like it.

    All in all I think it was three hours well spent. It’s for sure a course for fist time gun owners and covers the very basics. The officers did a good job of training and were very helpful and all too happy to answer any questions. There were no huge egos on display. The atmosphere was very relaxed and low key.

    I would recommend the course for any first time gun owners just getting started.

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    My wife, 18 yo son, and myself took the same course. I agree with your conclusions.

    Instructors were personable and answered all questions. It was asked in our course when you would want to chamber a round and have the gun ready to fire in a semi-automatic pistol. His reply was, "as soon as you put the magazine in the gun. Why would you want to be carrying a loaded gun that was incapable of shooting? The bad guy is not going wait and give you time to cock it."

    I would recommend this to anyone just learning to use a handgun or needing a refresher.

    It is a free course and you get (free) range time at the end of the evening. :righton:

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    Good info. I decided to check my county (Columbia County) and they have one coming up in November. I'm going to attend this, hopefully I have the same results as you guys.