Don't Watch Your Holes

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    Most people do combat oriented handgun shooting at five or 7 yards with a major caliber pistol shooting at a target that is either white manila or light brown. Therefore, these people can easily see each bullet hole appearing in the target real time it gives them the chance to correct their mistakes in sight alignment or trigger control on the fly in between each shot.

    In the old days, police pistol training targets were pure black. That made it almost impossible to see your black handgun sights against the target at a dimly lit indoor range. Furthermore, you couldn't see your bullet holes appearing on paper.

    I saw this article in Guns & Ammo magazine recently where they talk about how the Gunsite Academy founded by Jeff Cooper has been using humanoid shaped targets with a camouflage pattern since Cooper was still running the place in the early 2000s. The idea is to take some of the gamesmanship out of what is supposed to be practical pistol shooting so that you
    1-- won't see the scoring rings on the target,
    2-- don't have a small precise well-defined aiming spot,
    3-- may not see your bullet holes as you shoot either (although you're supposed to be focused on your pistols front sight, not focused on the target anyway...).

    I think it would be good to shoot a defensive pistol target that is spray painted stove pipe black (non-reflective non-glossy paint)
    or perhaps covering your target with a piece of black cloth or hanging an old black T-shirt over it. Anything to prevent you from seeing your own bullet holes appear in the target, and also getting rid of any pre-printed bullseye or bright-colored aiming circle near the center of the target which gives you an artificial aiming point.

    A bad guy who is carjacking you would not have
    a 2" diameter orange circle with a black diamond in the center
    printed on his chest.
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    I go by the old saying, shoot when you see the whites of their eyes.

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    Life size stove black silhouette targets on the range. In the field center mass or the best target presented.
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    The first real target I ever shot at with a handgun was a police pistol target, to qualify as a police officer. You could see holes appearing in paper. It wasn't a dark hold on a light target, but it was a perceptible "flaw" that developed in the smooth dark background. You couldn't necessarily add up your score, but you could see how you were doing in terms of accuracy.

    I agree, though, that it was very difficult to see your dark iron sights against a black background.
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    We're actually supposed to shoot these things? Like practice and crap?
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    I just saw this the other day. Use a T shirt.
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