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    Maitland Store Owner Shoots At Robbery Suspects

    POSTED: 6:50 am EDT July 27, 2007
    UPDATED: 7:15 am EDT July 27, 2007

    MAITLAND, Fla. -- The owner of a Maitland sub shop fought back Thursday night after he was ambushed. He pulled out a gun and started firing, hitting one suspect.

    Around 11:00pm Thursday night, Kappy's Subs in Maitland had just closed and the owner was walking outside with money. To a pair of armed teens he looked like the perfect victim.

    "They came from both sides of the building and they did rob him because he had money bags in his possession at the time," said Lt. J.G. Schardine of the Maitland Police Department.

    But money wasn't all the owner of the shop had. As the robbers fled, the owner pulled out a gun and started shooting, hitting one of the suspects in the shoulder.

    Early Friday morning, police dogs followed a trail of blood down Maitland Avenue. They found the money bags just lying on the street. A few steps away they located the injured suspect. He was arrested and loaded into an ambulance.

    Police caught the other suspect near the Maitland Avenue post office. The two teens were identified as Derrell Ross and Manuel Gomes, both 16-years-old. Police found their weapon behind the restaurant and as it turned out it was a toy gun.

    "The money has been recovered and two people are in custody," Schardine said. "Hopefully, they learned a lesson. Never rob someone again."

    Derrell Ross was taken to Florida Hospital for the gun shot wound. He was also bitten by a police dog.
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    Shot them in the back as they were running away? Can't you go to jail for that?

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    My dad used to be a residential contractor and during the mid-70's he kept having one of his homes broken into and the shag carpet stolen (later on we found out that they were using the shag carpet to customize vans).

    Anyway, my grandfather offered to stay at the house one night to provide security. That was the night four guys in their early 20's decided to break in. Two stayed at the front door and two came inside. Granddad was in the living room, just off the foyer and he was armed with a 16 gauge shotgun loaded with birdshot. He told them to freeze and they ran. The slower of the two got a load of birdshot in his lower left side and upper thigh area. The problem granddad had with the police was that he went to the front door and shot the same guy in the lower back and upper buttocks as he was running away.

    When my dad showed up to the house one of the officers had granddad in the back seat of his cruiser and was going to take him to jail. Luckily, dad was good friends with the ranking supervisor who showed up just before granddad was hauled off, and the supervisor made the other officer release granddad.

    This was in Florida during the mid-70's, so I am pretty sure that grandad violated the law by shooting the perp as he was outside the house running away. He may even have violated the law by shooting the guy when he was inside the house running away. But thanks to a friend who was a ranking police officer granddad was never charged with anything.
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    The article didn't mention if the police were charging the owner with anything. While he shouldn't have shot wile they were running away, I hope he makes it out okay.
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    Hey, the Maitland cops eat there, too;

    That place has always been one of those that you can't get close to between 11:00 and 1:00.
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    They had already committed an armed robbery on him.

    "It was dark, they turned back as if to shoot. I knew they had a gun. I was so scared I just closed my eyes and fired. I thought I was going to die".

    You can direct any other questions to my lawyer.
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    After they stepped away from me a few feet they turned and I was afraid for my life. I thought they were going to shoot me. They left me no choice but to defend myself.