Don't Leave Your Kid With the Dr.

Discussion in 'In the News' started by adcurt, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. adcurt

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    I've been hearing more and more about this and it (to be frank) is pissing me off. People who are afraid of the Patriot Act should be terrified by this - it doesn't have even the HINT of judicial oversight.

    Worst part of the original blog post:

    In my opinion, this has to be stopped and should be illegal, but I'm hearing more and more of this (gf is a nurse). I learned of this particular article from Limbaugh's show today, but he nailed it when he read a pertinent section from the novel, "1984" that comments directly on this sort of thing.

  2. VolGrad

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    I would never in a million years leave my child alone with anyone I didn't know extremely well, even a doctor. Before reading your post I was just worried about the sicko pervs and child abductors, now I am worried about the libs too. Dang those nosy bastards. Don't they have anything better to do?

  3. merlock

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    I'm so glad that all my kids are grown... :evil:
  4. ptsmith24

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    Reason #9567 to not have any kids.
  5. adcurt

    adcurt New Member

    I wanted to post my gf's response to the email I sent her on this earlier today. I have blocked out her institution's name so there, like, won't be any bias:

  6. cdtracing

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    My 11 year old is under instructions to tell anyone who asks questions of that nature to tell them, you have to ask my Mom or Dad. I and my wife consistently remind him that if I want someone to know our business that I will be the one who tells them.
  7. zookeper

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    now you've got grandkids to worry about :D
  8. moonchicken

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    Yes, but if we all follow that logic there wouldn't be any people left to defend the good ol' American values for the next generation. :-k

    I don't have any children yet, but I plan to raise a family one day, and I will do my best to teach them to think for themselves and have some common sense.
  9. pro2am

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    Many years ago when my kids were very young the pediatricians initial form asked the normal health questions AND "are there any guns in the house". Back then I wasn't as "into" guns, but still recognized how invasive a question that was. I just left it blank and nobody asked.

    This really doesn't surprise me at all.
  10. Wiley

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    From the anti-gun links on this site:
    "American Academy of Pediatrics Uses misleading statistics to scare new parents away from firearms"

    And they have done it for years.

    Link is broken. Here's the replacement:
  11. ptsmith24

    ptsmith24 New Member

    Yea, and I've considered that too. It's a tough choice. But, fortunately it's one I don't have to make right now.
  12. N.T.F.S.

    N.T.F.S. Active Member

    I had the same situation the beginning of the school year. My kids needed a check up for school so my wife brought them down. when she came back she told me that the nurse asked a bunch of questions and one was are there any guns in the home. she just told them no. If I was there I would have told them it was none of their damn business. I guess the better way to handle it would be to ask why that pertains to anything, then sit back and listen to the regurgitated nonsense and then try to educate her but Id probably be just waisting my time and get aggravated. I guess thats why my wife goes to these things and just says no.
  13. S&W 40

    S&W 40 Active Member

    I teach my girls the four rules to firearms and added our own 5th.

    No one needs to know what we own or what we do with what we own.
  14. VolGrad

    VolGrad Tactical Statistician add, "or where/how we keep them".

    Just got back from Toys-R-Us. Had to pick up a quick gift for a b-day party. I was interrogated as to why I didn't want to sign up my girl for the b-day club. I explained that I didn't feel it was necessary to give all that personal info so they could create a directory for pedophiles, all to get a call from Jeffrey the giraffe (a recording no doubt), a $3 coupon, and a balloon. Then I got to the register and again had to justify to them why I didn't feel it was necessary to give them my phone number. Good grief.

    PS My new MTAC hid my new Glock 19 quite well (and comfortably) under just a tee.
  15. triggerman357

    triggerman357 Active Member

    With all these kid touchers running the streets, I wouldn't leave my child alone with anybody I didn't know or trust either. As far as asking doctor my child about guns, all I imagine is my 3 yr old doing is pointing at my iwb G27, saying "My daddy's pow-pow is right there". :oops:
  16. moonchicken

    moonchicken New Member

    At that point the doctor's face would be like this :shock:

    Haha. Priceless. :lol:
  17. adcurt

    adcurt New Member

    Absolutely classic. Or just a polite, "Well, there are none in the house right now because it's here on my belt."

    But, then again, you'd be lying because we all know there's one on your ankle as well... :wink:
  18. David14

    David14 Member

    Tales like this remind me why I'm not an AAP member. The reports that AAP inflates figures of childhood firearms injuries are 100% CORRECT. Around 1993-1994, their stats for 'children killed by firearms' included 'kids' up to and including 21 years old.

    Those of us who are not kool-aid-guzzlin' "party members" will augment (and streamline) that question on the standardized forms to "If there are any guns, hazardous chemicals, matches, or lighters in the home, are they secured such that the children don't have access to them?"

    And if the parents then mention that the kids have been taught safe firearms handling, I always make a point of saying "Good job."

    eta --
    Good policy!
  19. Foul

    Foul Guest

    Print this out and take to your child's doctor.

    Cost to print=$.10

    Look on the doctor's face= priceless.

    Doctors Practice Form For Patients



    Part One: Qualifications

    I affirm that I am certified to offer (Name of Patient: ), herineafter referred to as "the Patient", qualified advice about firearms safety in the home, having received:

    Specify Course(s) of Study: ____________________________________________________________


    Specify Institution(s) ____________________________________________________________


    Specify Course Completion Date(s): ______________________________________________________

    resulting in:

    Specify Accreditation(s), Certification(s), License(s) etc.: _______________________________________


    Check one, as appropriate:

    ___ I represent that I have reviewed applicable scientific literature pertaining to defensive gun use and beneficial results of private firearms ownership. I further represent that I have reviewed all other relevant home safety issues with the Patient, including those relating to electricity, drains, disposals, compactors, garage doors, driveway safety, pool safety, pool fence codes and special locks for pool gates, auto safety, gas, broken glass, stored cleaning chemicals, buckets, toilets, sharp objects, garden tools, home tools, power tools, lawnmowers, lawn chemicals, scissors, needles, forks, knives, etc. I also acknowledge, by receiving this document, I have been made aware that, in his inaugural address before the American Medical Association on June 20, 2001, new president Richard Corlin, MD, admitted "What we don't know about violence and guns is literally killing us...researchers do not have the data to tell how kids get guns, if trigger locks work, what the warning signs of violence in schools and at the workplace are and other critical questions due to lack of research funding." (UPI). In spite of this admission, I represent that I have sufficient data and expertise to provide expert and clinically sound advice to patients regarding firearms in the home.


    ___ I am knowingly engaging in Home/Firearms Safety Counseling without certification, license or formal training in Risk Management, and; I have not reviewed applicable scientific literature pertaining to defensive gun use and beneficial results of private firearms ownership.

    Part Two: Liability

    I have determined, from a review of my medical malpractice insurance, that if I engage in an activity for which I am not certified, such as Firearms Safety Counseling, the carrier (check one, as appropriate):

    ___ will

    ___ will not

    cover lawsuits resulting from neglect, lack of qualification, etc.

    Insurance Carrier name, address and policy number insuring me for firearms safety expertise:


    I further warrant that, should the Patient follow my firearm safety counseling and remove from the home and/or disable firearms with trigger locks or other mechanisms, and if the patient or a family member, friend or visitor is subsequently injured or killed as a result of said removal or disabling, that my malpractice insurance and/or personal assets will cover all actual and punitive damages resulting from a lawsuit initiated by the patient, the patient's legal reprerentative, or the patient's survivors.

    Signature of attesting physician and date: ___________________________________________________

    Name of attesting physician (please print):__________________________________________________

    Signature of patient and date: ____________________________________________________________

    Name of patient (please print):____________________________________________________________

    Note to patient: Indicate if physician "REFUSED TO SIGN." Ask physician to place copy in chart/medical record.

    Risk Management Advice to Physicians and Malpractice Insurance Providers: Don't Borrow Trouble

    © 2000 by Joe Horn [email protected] ...
  20. VolGrad

    VolGrad Tactical Statistician

    This thread is older than Macktee. It is kind of funny though, back in Oct 07 I made ref to carrying my G19 under only a t-shirt and no one being the wiser. Same setup today, even with the t-shirt tucked in.