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Wright Turf Employee Critically Injured

October 29, 2007

Dougherty County - - Dougherty County Police say the two men were working at Wright Turf on Nelms Road Monday afternoon when one employee shot another. They apparently had an ongoing disagreement.

The employees thought they would settle that ongoing disagreement Monday afternoon. One brought a machete, the other brought a gun. Now one of them is in the hospital in critical condition, the other in jail.

Around 5:00 Monday evening, Wright Turf became a crime scene.

"This involved two long term employees that got into some type of an altercation," says Police Chief Don Cheek.

It happened along a dirt road at the turf farm. Dougherty County Police responded quickly to investigate.

"We do know Mr. Grese received one gun shot wound to the upper right quadrant."

Thirty-one year old Alberto Grese Gonzalez is recovering at Phoebe. Police say, 40 year old Hollis Raiford Howze shot Gonzalez when a verbal argument went too far.

Howze is in the Dougherty County Jail. He told police the two men got into a fight Sunday at work after Gonzalez accused Howze of trying to run him over. Monday, they decided to settle the issue. Howze pulled a gun, Gonzalez pulled a machete. A witness saw it happen.

"After the shooting, he jumped into the truck and was trying to get into the office so they could call for medical attention and call police."

The witness, who doesn't speak good English, tried to take this company truck and get help.

"And he apparently is not a driver."

The truck knocked down a pine tree. Police haven't been able to question Gonzalez yet. But they have some questions for the witness.

"We will have a certified translator come and assist us with the witness," Cheek says.

A representative from Wright Turf didn't want to provide any information about what happened.

Hollis Howze, who also goes by Ray, is charged with aggravated assault.

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Excellent advice!

However, it would seem bringing a gun to a machete fight also isn't a good idea...

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