Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal up for vote

Discussion in 'Off-topic Political' started by bdee, Dec 18, 2010.

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  1. bdee

    bdee انا باتمان ... y-gay-ban/

    I hope they pass it, it'll be a good day for civil rights in this country.

    The vast majority of the service members say it will have either no impact or a beneficial impact.

    The pentagon says it's time.

    I can't imagine telling someone they can't serve the country because of this. Or telling a person that honesty and integrity is vital, and then tell them that they have to keep an entire section of their life a secret.

    There have been gay soldiers for as long as we've had a country. We've even had a gay president (Commander in Chief)

    My grandmother told me a significant number of the guys in WWII were gay. She served as a navy nurse in both Virginia and Corpus Christi. She said even then, everyone knew, and nobody cared.
  2. JeF4y

    JeF4y New Member

    +1. Long overdue. I was in the Navy and served with several men and women who were gay. Many were friends of mine and we would talk about it quite a bit. It makes no difference and the hypocrisy created by our government with "don't ask, don't tell" needs to end.

  3. zeebo

    zeebo New Member

    I think Barry Goldwater summed it up: ?"You don't need to be straight to fight and die for your country. You just need to shoot straight." :righton:
  4. bdee

    bdee انا باتمان

  5. bdee

    bdee انا باتمان

    It's passed, now it's off to Obama for his signature.
  6. budder

    budder Moderator Staff Member

    Screw that. I want snipers that can curve bullets like in Wanted.
  7. Glad to see it passed the Senate. I know people in the military who said there are numerous people in that are gay but no one really cares about it. We're all human beings, and that's what matters.
  8. Quest50

    Quest50 Active Member

    Well i guess now the ho-moe-sex-you-als are allowed in the military. *thick southern drawl*

    Good for them, a homosexual can shoot a rifle just as well as a straight person.

    Now we just need women on the front line. (I'm serious, I know a female in the military who deserves to be there. She can almost max out the men's PT standard and is just as capable if not more capable than most males in the army). If they can uphold the same standard and perform their duties, why not?

    (Sorry if this thread gets hi-jacked)
  9. Savvy Jack

    Savvy Jack Banned

    Time for the homosexuals to have a separate showers and bathrooms! I'll be damned if one would be naked around me, or me them......not flattering myself either....If I were in basic training etc etc etc

    No disrespect intended.
  10. drtybykr

    drtybykr New Member


    holy homophobe batman[​IMG]
  11. gunsmoker

    gunsmoker Lawyer and Gun Activist

    Saavy Jack, if you spent much time in men's locker rooms--- in the military, in school, in an athletic league or team of any kind--- you already HAVE been naked with homos.
    And they've already checked you out.
    But you didn't know because they didn't hit on you and didn't want to cause a scene.

    Now that OPENLY GAY men can serve in the armed forces, I wonder if that self-restraint will continue?

    I assume that gays have exercised that self-restraint and observed some level of decorum in other types of communal living and locker rooms where "open homosexuality" is not forbidden. Example: Your gym / fitness center.

    I don't think too many gay service members will think that the showers in their barracks are now OK to turn into a gay bath-house, complete with an Elton John impersonator on a piano!!
  12. AeroShooter

    AeroShooter Active Member

    It's now time to make the facilities uni-sex like in Starship Troopers (movie). Imagine the cost savings of not having to duplicate plumbing & leaving part of it idle.
  13. psrumors

    psrumors Well-Known Member

    Is it only gays that can act like proffessionals in the shower and not make unwanted advances or can straights do the same?

    Why isn't it one communal shower for all?
  14. IrishTiger

    IrishTiger Active Member

    Precisely. Trust me, if I were in the army (or any of the armed forces) I would not be looking and gawking at people. Just because I'd be allowed to serve openly doesn't mean

    1. That I'd run around and tell everyone about it. I highly doubt much will change from the way things are now.

    and does mean;

    2. Gays will go out of their way to make their fellow men feel comfortable - at least I would, and anyone I know would.
    3. From the avatar you had up there a while ago, if that was you, I wouldn't even shower near you. :cantsay:

    Even though I am gay, and I'm probably THE MOST conservative gay you will ever find, and I generally do not support gay rights issues, this one I do. Not much will change from the way it is now, but it's almost a ceremonial type of thing. At least I know I'm semi-respected should I go out and put my life on the line with everyone else. I don't think this will be a positive or a negative thing for the military. I don't think anything will change, and I doubt the soldiers serving will notice a change. Like I just mentioned, it is positive for other gays because they feel more welcome in the armed forces. :righton:
  15. Savvy Jack

    Savvy Jack Banned

    I didn't

    BTW, The government needs to stay outta this. I am all for knowing who is or isn't a homosexual. But its my right to not to have to be associated with them just like, women and men, when it comes to multiple urnal/toilet bathrooms, showers etc. Heck, I'd love to shower with women but ya know that aint gonna happen. I do not dislike those that choose that lifestyle but I do dislike that lifestyle itself and I do not support it, however what I like/ dislike is irrelevant. There needs to be a separation just like "men", "women" and "homosexuals".
  16. bdee

    bdee انا باتمان

    I think the next step is in allowing Glee fans to be able to serve openly!
  17. AeroShooter

    AeroShooter Active Member

    I'd comment but I'm deeply closeted on this issue.
  18. dunkel

    dunkel New Member

    I really didn't care one way or the other whether it passed. I know for certain I've served with gay soldiers. Some of them have been great soldiers, some of them have been dirtbags. Just like the straight soldiers.

    I do agree, however, that it puts the other policies of the military in a new light. Seriously, what is the justification for keeping the wall of separation between male and female soldiers? We don't allow male and female soldiers to shower together because....? We're afraid the men might look at the women? It would make female soldiers uncomfortable? Why is a gay soldier saying "trust me, I won't look the other guys" somehow more reassuring than a straight soldier saying "trust me, I won't look at the women"? Why does a female soldier saying "that would make me uncomfortable" carry more weight than a straight male soldier saying the same thing?

    I know supporters of removing the ban want to laugh at this type of point, but I would appreciate it if, just once, they could actually articulate why we can justify one separation, but not the other.
  19. BSCLibertarian

    BSCLibertarian I'm kind of a big deal

    Yeah, I can remember the exact day and time that I chose to be straight don't you? No? Huh, I guess it wasn't a choice then. :roll:

    My only concern is that if some of the younger members of the military who may be less accepting of differences in people of any kind find out that someone is gay they may do something to physically harm them. Of course, there is nothing to stop that from happening now I suppose.

    A guy I worked with years ago was retired army and was gay - he said that his closest friends that he served with knew (some of which were gay too some were not) but that it was never an issue. He actually married a lesbian that he served with so they could get better on base housing.....what if gay marriage is legalized everywhere? Will the military accept it as well? Just a thought.

    I don't really have a dog in this hunt as I was not in the military and I am not gay. I have had gay friends for as long as I can remember though so I guess I just never saw the big deal. I always thought "DADT" was Clinton's way of sidestepping the issue. I also agree w/ Gunsmoker....if you have spent anytime at a gym or played any sports then you have been in locker rooms / showers with homosexuals. Who cares? I don't know anyone gay or straight that finds a stinky, dirty locker room a turn on. :)
  20. Savvy Jack

    Savvy Jack Banned

    You are born with a penis you are a man. Men and women were created with what they have to reproduce. Yes, you choose to use it on a man rather than a women...simply a CHOICE!
    I too have had homosexual friends and I know homosexual people. I have nothing against them but I do not socialize with them. I also have friends that are drunks, I do not socialize with them either. When I disapprove of what someone does, I do not condemn them, I simply do not enable them with my presents.

    I do not call them "gay" because it is a mis-use of the word. Too many good ole songs with that word in it. We all know why homosexuals were called gay and it is a shame that word is gone forever!
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