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Boxing promoter and convicted killer (served time in prison 40 years ago, for manslaughter) DON KING had some .38 and .357 ammo in his carry-on bag when he tried to board a commercial aircraft the other day.

TSA just confiscated the ammo and let him go on his way.

I wonder if us "little people" would get the same result?

And I wonder if TSA ran a background check on him once they found him to be in violation of their security protocol? If they DID check his background, wouldn't they find that as a convicted felon he is barred from possessing firearms or even ammunition under federal criminal laws?

(Unless he has quietly gotten a pardon or something... which I never heard about. As far as I can tell on a quick Google seach, he's still a convicted felon).
LINK to AMMO-IN-BAG article :
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