Don Imus and Guns...

Discussion in 'In the News' started by GAGunOwner, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. GAGunOwner

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    I noticed on the news tonight some file footage of Don Imus. Even though I got a brief glance, it appeared that he was open carrying a pistol.

    I read on Wikipedia a few days ago that he is one of the few people licensed to carry a handgun in New York City.

    I just went back to Wikipedia to re-read this, it has been edited to this:
  2. Doc Holliday

    Doc Holliday New Member

    Well, he is still a dumbass with the comments that he made. According to Sean Hannity, he also supported John Kerry. That tells me that he believes in the 2A for himself....but not for you and me!

    Maybe some of the fans of his show can correct me? :wink:

  3. Rammstein

    Rammstein New Member

    That nappy headed ho!

    Sorry, I couldn't resist.
  4. Adam5

    Adam5 Atlanta Overwatch

    Judging by the last few pictures of him that i've seen, he shouldn't be calling anyone Nappy Headed. 8)
  5. tj2000

    tj2000 Guest

    Nappy Headed Ho??????

    I wonder if Imus would have sung that statement like a rappster if there would have been such a stink from A.S and his sidekick JJ. They don't seem to mind that rapper's sing about that in a lot of their so-called music.
    :-k :-k
    Just wondering,
  6. ptsmith24

    ptsmith24 New Member

    I like what Miller said the other night on Fox. Something along the lines of Imus looks like a human werewolf that was too tired to make it through the whole transition.
  7. Doc Holliday

    Doc Holliday New Member

    Re: Nappy Headed Ho??????

    It is ok for a rapper to say that because it is "artistic" expression. It is not ok for an old white guy to say that about a group of African American women basketball players from Rutgers. Even if he had "sung" it. :wink:
  8. GAGunOwner

    GAGunOwner Active Member

    There is a difference between the two. Nobody disputes that rappers use these words but they are used in a general context, what Imus said was refering to a very limited ammount of real people (Rutgers female basketball team). I doubt any of these women are actually "hoes."

    What if one of those girls was your daughter?

  9. Rammstein

    Rammstein New Member

    So there is a difference...Rappers can use the word because there is no face to the hos they talk about? Is that some sort of justification?
  10. ICP_Juggalo

    ICP_Juggalo Professional Troll

    Racism = The good old American Double Standard.

    Its ok for a black person to call another black person a nigger, but god forbid should a white person call a black person a nigger, then that white person is a RACIST

    Now everyone here knows that if it was a black DJ that had called them girls nappy headed hoes then everything would have been fine and dandy.

    Oh! I did it now! I typed that whole tirade in black color font, so that must mean I am a RACIST :oops:

    Personally I could of cared less what that cracker Imus called them girls. He is entitled to his opinion. I think its time for the race pimps and race warlords to just sit down and shut the hell up cause I am sick and tired of their RACIST double standards and their constant bitching and moaning. :roll:

    Jesus H. Christ on a stick....
  11. Mike from Philly

    Mike from Philly New Member

    You aren't alone in your thoughts:

    Imus isn’t the real bad guy-
    Instead of wasting time on irrelevant shock jock, black leaders need to be fighting a growing gangster culture.

    By JASON WHITLOCK - Columnist

  12. Macktee

    Macktee New Member

    Hey ICP:

    Don't hold it in. You could hurt yourself doing that. Tell us what you really think about it!

    I used to work with a guy who was the most blatant racist I've ever known. He was eaten up with it. Absolutely filled with hate. It was sad. Finally, another guy at work called him out on it.

    His response? "Me? Hey Man! I can't be a racist! I'm black!"

    The really sad part of it all is he was completely shocked by the accusation and totally serious about his denial. If a white guy said half the stuff he did, only said it about blacks instead of whites, the white guy would have been fired.

    What a strange world we live in...

    I didn't witness the incident, but the guy who spoke to him and told me about it was my brother. So, I think he spoke the truth.

    Like I said, sad.

    I just deleted the rest of my rant. Let's try to get along. It shouldn't be that difficult. Not really...