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Dogs Charge Police Officer Then The All Too Uncommon Happens

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Didn't look vicious to me. Noisy yes... Vicious no.
That tan dog had more foam than what I use for shaving. But great job by the cop.
Well done. And done well.

Good ending. Apparently these were somebody's pets that loved to go for rides in cars.
That being said, if some citizen were walking along the street and DID NOT call to the dogs or do anything to excite them, and those dogs ran towards the citizen and confronted him or her with that close-range barking and the black one trying to get within biting distance and outflanking said citizen, I'd say it would be legal and moral to SHOOT at least the black dog, if not both of them (dogs are pack animals and both can be seen as part of an attacking group.)
If you don't want your dogs to end up dead or maimed, don't let them loose on the streets unless you're SURE they're sweet and non-aggressive towards people (or other people's pets).
The need to destroy dogs out of fear for being bitten is grossly over played. I used to spend 6 days a week on customers property giving quotes. Over the years I've been confronted by dogs protecting their property countless times. Never once have I drawn my firearm.

My father delivered mail for 32 years. He didn't even carry the PO issued dog spray.

There is RARELY a need to shoot an "aggressive" dog.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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