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I'm sure he just missed the sign.

I actually stopped at a store near the Chamblee Tucker Wachovia shortly after it was hit...LOTS of police still on the scene.

Anyway, from

Investigators say an armed bank robber has gone too far.

All of his suspected robberies have been in north DeKalb County, where police say they have had enough. The latest robbery was Wednesday.

He has hit banks again, and again, and again.

Police say he's built like a bowling ball, and strikes more than DeKalb County police can take -- at least seven banks robbed since November 2004.

The latest was Wednesday at a Wachovia Bank branch on Clairmont Road.

Inside the bank, he carried a semi-automatic handgun where he handed a teller a note, and stuffed the money in a satchel.

In one robbery, the bag was described as black canvas with gold and purple stripes.

“We just want to get him off the street before he strikes again. He’s obviously a serial bank robber, and obviously he’s not going to stop until we catch him, so we definitely need to go ahead and do that,†said DeKalb police Officer Herschel Grangent.

On two different occasions, he is suspected of robbing a Washington Mutual Bank and a Wachovia Bank located right next to each other on Chamblee-Tucker Road.

On October 4, he robbed a Waffle House off of Interstate 285 on Lawrenceville Highway. Though it doesn’t fit the pattern, DeKalb County police say they believe their suspect may have strayed.

“Well, according to the witnesses on the scene of that robbery, the description they gave of an older white male with gray hair, stocky build, it all fit the same description of the bank robber that we've been looking for,†said Granget.

With clear pictures from the most recent robbery, police say they think someone has to know who he is.
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