Do you keep ammo in your safe?

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by Tinkerhell, Aug 17, 2007.

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    As I have recently posted, I just got a nice new safe about a week ago. (damn thing is still in the garage waiting me to get some burley folks over for dinner & a moving party :( )

    I also just received my shipment from AmmoMan the other day (the UPS guy was like "Whatcha got an AK?" I said yeah a WASR10 I just re-finished. He said "yeah I figured. I got 3 myself. :) ) and I was packing that away in my ammo boxes this afternoon. Till now I was planning on putting all of that, along with my firearms, in the safe but I got to thinking when I looked at the whole lot sitting out (1k rnds of 7.62 & 1k rnds of 9mm) and I was like IF there was a fire & my safe was exposed for a long time that would make one [email protected] of a loud boom if all this stuff started going off and even if the heat didn't 100% ruin my guns the ammo exploding certainly would. It's a good safe rated for 1200 degrees for 30 minutes.

    So my question is, who keeps ammo in their safe and do you worry about the above at all. I haven't tried to research & see what the "detonation" temp for ammo would be, how hot the inside of a fire rated safe will get in the event of a fire. Anyone happen to have done that? Thoughts? Comments?
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    It is my understanding that unless it is black powder or some form of high explosive, the type of powder that is used in modern day (as in the last ten years) will not have explosive tendancies. The current powder builds pressure at an exponential rate so to push the bullet and not to explode when ignited. I did a controlled experiment in controlled conditions using fire to heat a 30-06 shell and it just spit the bullet out about a couple inches but it never exploded. Disclaimer:
    I don't recommend testing this in your fire place at home.

    As far as storing in your safe, I did until I needed the room for my guns as I added to my collection and now my ammo lives under my reloading bench in my gun room.

    I would rather replace the ammo than my guns.

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    I don't have a safe :( I'm about to the point in needing one, but I'm in an apartment for a little over another year, so I can't really use one yet.
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    I recall someone (Macktee? maybe) building a fire retardant gun closet using the appropriate fire rated dry wall. You could always build something like that to insert the safe into and buy the safe some extra time in case of a fire.
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    Yes and No

    Yes, I have a bunch of ammo in one of my safes. That's because it's a rather lightweight safe and without it, I'm afraid a burglar could carry it away. The ammo makes the safe much heavier and I don't think even two strong burglars would get very far with it.

    No, I don't worry about the ammo blowing up my guns in case of a fire. If it gets hot enough INSIDE the safe to detonate the ammo, my guns are going to be damaged anyway. The wood stocks will crack, the plastic stocks and frames will melt, various springs will lose their temper (pun intended) and never work quite right again.
  6. budder

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    Re: Yes and No

    Primers can cook off as low as 400F. You may want to take that into consideration. Or build your house out of concrete and metal. The latter is definitely superior, though.
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    Re: Yes and No

    Or... just not have a house fire. :lol:
  8. budder

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    Re: Yes and No

    I was going to suggest that, but gunsmoker and I have already decided how we're going to split the insurance money. So that's not a very profitable option for me.
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    I keep mine in the safe.
    If thee's a fire and all of my ammo goes off and obliterates the inside of that safe (and all contents), so be it. I'd rather that than have flying lead (which I don't think will happen, but better safe than sorry...).

    I'd also rather that than have a theif walk away with that many rounds...

    Of course, my safe is right next to my tank rack.
    8 cylinders at 90cf/3000psi. :shock: That'll make some noise in the event of a fire!
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    If there is enough fire to set off the ammo you have in your safe, your firearms are trashed at that point regardless.

    Call your local fire department and ask them. They'll tell you that your extra ammo won't make a mushroom cloud or whatever over your house if there is a fire. Ammo not in the chamber "cooks off" meaning it goes poof, if that. I imagine anything can happen but it likely wont.

    I don't have a nice safe like you so I use ammo to weigh it down. In my "SHTF Closet" aka "Man space" I have enough to fight a few day skirmish against a small zombie horde. All the ammo up top is stacked, probably a thousand rounds. Hard to see because it's a big shelf and it's stacked.. A few ready mags. Bunch of other crap that doesn't work well in the living room.


    I have a reg sized ammo can with 1k rounds of mixed 7.62 and .223 at the bottom of my safe. Of course, the mags in the rifles are all loaded.


    I dunno.. maybe 150lbs plus. Behind a few locked doors. Enough reasonable effort to keep them away from "the children". Not mine, I don't have any yet but to be PC. Also enough to make a big enough noise when stolen that I can bring WWIII if I'm in the house.

    If you're worried get insurance. NRA gives you 1k automatically on firearms. My insurance covers 3k automatically and I got a rider for the remainder. I pay probably 40 bucks a month for insurance for the guns and my fiances ring but I put it all under one policy.

    I've got a smaller .30 cal ammo can with extra ammo in another spot. Pistols are on the top shelf with a few mags each. Extra 500 rounds of the vital calibers in the TV stand.

    5 rounds in my J-Frame. Lol.
  11. cdtracing

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    Hell no, no room. Some is still in the original cases, the loose stuff is in ammo cans.

  12. Macktee

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    You recall correctly!

    What a memory! I'm truly impressed. I'm also impressed someone mentioned my name here and it wasn't part of an insult. Thanks.

    I made a cabinet for paint, wax, oil, gasoline and ammo. I store these items in the basement, so I'm a little concerned about combustibility. To reduce my worries, I knocked together a 2' x 2' x 4' cabinet outta 2x4s and covered it with two layers of fire resistant drywall. Not exactly a piece of fine furniture, but I sleep better...

    A single layer of that drywall material is supposed to be good to something like 1,400 degrees for a half hour! I figure really dangerous items should be safely contained until the FD gets here in their three to five minute response time.

    I highly recommend everyone reading this construct something similar. It's cheap insurance. I have most of a sheet left over. If anyone wants it, let me know and I'll try to get it to you.

    And pro2am, thanks again for remembering me in a favorable manner. That's a BIG change from the usual references to me here by punks like GAGlocker, budder, ramm, snake, wsweeks, adam5 and the others.

    It's sad, but obvious, they're insanely jealous of my sophisticated good looks, superior intellect, sparkling wit and the way women throw themselves at me... I don't wish to sound immodest, but honesty compels me to admit the truth and the truth is I could give James Bond lessons...... 8)

    Anyone who has doubts about that statement should just pay attention at the luncheon later today. Women will be all around me! It's my charm! Or, it could be because I always request a seat close to the women's rest room.....
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    You're welcome.

    My parents always said that I should be kind to the elderly.

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    I think I said something nice about you.

    Once. :lol:
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