Do you consider yourself a conservative or a left-wing liberal?

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Do you consider yourself a conservative or a left-wing liberal?

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  1. OWM

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  2. diamondback

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    still in delaware. Go to alabmaa a couple times a year. Always like the flag in GA bettter and loved Abac college when we had a rodeo there. Pluse some of hte hottest girls. GA is also a state were were looking at poss relocation but i am scared. They say the liberals are coming.

  3. Mike J

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    I do not identify as a Democrat, Republican or Libertarian. I do consider myself conservative with libertarian tendencies. I firmly believe if you want something (anything) screwed up just give it to the government to do. I want the smallest least powerful Federal Government possible. I believe most government functions should be handled at the local level so that the people have more ability to control what is going on in their own State, County, City. I tend to distrust all politicians & todays insane globalist Dims most of all.
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  4. OWM

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    In other words you want it run as intended and set forth in the founding Documents of this Country and not the new age interruption and rape of those same Documents.
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  5. Hombre

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    That is pretty much is the same outlook I have. Quite often, people hear the words, "(Eff) the government", as they could (Eff) up a wet dream", from me. Wouldn't it be cool, in a fantasy world, if governments didn't have to exist?

    I could vote for a democrat, if the person was both very conservative, and a really good human being. But I would have to hold my nose, because of who surrounded that person.

    I like many of the libertarian ideals, except for open borders, and another one, which I don't recall, but which, along with open borders, completely negates anything good about them, in my mind.

    I vote republican because they generally are the (slightly) lesser of the evils. But I never call myself a republican. Rather, a conservative.

    I intentionally did not capitalize the names of the parties, because I don't think any of them are worthy of that.
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  6. GeorgiaGlocker

    GeorgiaGlocker Romans 10:13

    I am a Christian conservative.
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