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    Is it controversial only to those who don't agree that women should be armed?

    From the questions it seems the interviewer is some what left of my center.
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    I don't agree that "every" woman, or "every" anybody, should be armed. When you read the anti'gunners stuff, which I do to keep abreast of what they are up to, you read that all the time. "The NRA (or whoever) won't be happy until everybody is carrying guns all the time / until everybody is issued a gun as soon as they are born / until every argument is settled with gunfire." Yada yada yada.

    Same old tired line. The goal is not everybody carrying. I would not force that on anyone who has made a personal decision not to carry. That's their business, not mine. It's a matter of being able to freely exercise the right.

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    I agree many women should carry and really, really wish my two adult daughters would change their thinking about guns before something bad happens. Hopefully, it won't but I'd feel better if they were prepared.

    It's an individual choice, but those who wish to carry should not be prevented from doing so by any government agency.

    One major safety improvement in states that become "shall issue" is the bad guys have no way of knowing who has taken advantage of such laws, thereby making everyone safer! Even those who refuse to carry...
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    Is it controversial only to those who don't agree that women should be armed?

    From the questions it seems the interviewer is some what left of my center.[/quote:39rvbg7f]

    Look at the source of the article ( there's your answer.
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    I've said before that women are key to helping secure and defend our 2nd Amendment rights. No woman wants to be raped or have her children harmed by a home invasion. Yet, strangely enough, many women seem even more afraid of the very tools that fit the bill for their and their loved ones protection from criminals.

    What to do? If it's a confidence issue with firearms, I guess try and get them to the range. Once they go a few times, they'll be hooked. Especially when many of them out-shoot their male partners.

    Another thing is to show them news articles of what sadly too often happens to unarmed women. Include graphic photos from the Internet at your own discretion. A picture is worth a thousand words. Yes, I'm talking about scaring your woman if it takes that. Better that you scare her that way, than a bad guy scare her his way.

    Play verbal-only scenario games such as making up a situation and ask her what she would do. In the initial setup, make it clear she is unarmed. Then, repeat the exercise and ask her what she would change. Let her bring up the idea of being armed when going through the scenario again. If she doesn't, then make up a newer and tougher scenario.

    These are just my thoughts. YMMV. Yours may be better. Use what works for you.
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    The author was baited into answering ye ol' anti-ban-all-guns question. It's not relevant, since a typical man doesn't need a weapon to attack a typical woman; and, every person of any sex has a right to ultimately defend themselves. A handgun allows many women to defend themselves, without conditions. Not every person should carry a gun, just as not every person should have a checking account or drive a car.