Do fitness trackers actually work ?

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  1. xls177

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    Do fitness trackers work?
    Has anybody used one with success or do you just get tired of it after awhile?

    Would this be a good tool to keep check on your blood pressure? Accurate?

    How much do they spy on you?
    I see most say you must have internet connection
    Can you use it privately just on your phone?

    What are the good brands to check on?
  2. Tinkerhell

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    Depends on what you want them to do. I had a FitBit a few years ago when my company decided to subsidize the purchase of one and had some contest type incentives. I was already in the top 40% of being in shape I guess so the challenges weren't too difficult. I met all the goals and then it got boring and the company didn't follow up with anything else AND most important blocked the web access from company computers. I stopped wearing it then. Typical corporate silliness.

    It measured steps fine. The newer versions will keep a reasonably accurate reading of everything they claim to - heart rate & steps. General calories burned (that is very specific to an individual of course but if you use it right it could be valuable to you maybe).

    The higher end ones (think Garmin) do very fine if you are wanting to track more than just your steps - like if you are training for races and such.

    As I said to start with. It all depends on what you are wanting to get out of them. They won't, in and of themselves, get you to get more exercise. They can motivate you to keep at it, help you connect with your friends to "compete" and compare results, help you to track what you are doing and set and track personal goals.

  3. RedDawnTheMusical

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    I had a FitBit that seemed to do just fine tracking steps and flights of stairs. If you have a smarthphone, it would synch the data with a fitness app for tracking your calories burned (which was handy when using the same app to track the calories that you're easting). After that I switched to the Apple watch, which is very accurate and adds heart rate, along with tracking other types of exercise like bicycling.
  4. Craftsman

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    Like any other tool, they depend on the motivation and skill of the user. If you are serious, I recommend Garmin. They have micro-apps that can manage workouts and track specific exercises. You can add/remove apps and device faces at will. If you can stand to wear it overnight, the sleep tracking functions of any tracker are helpful. Garmin's also have longer life batteries. I can go for 7-8 days on a single charge. That is the specific reason I chose it.

    Pretty much all of them have an app on your phone to sync via bluetooth. Some also tie to cloud services. Garmin can tie to MyFitnessPal which you can use to track food intake. More workout time allows more food consumption.

    The devices aren't all-knowing. My Garmin can't tell the difference between me walking around the yard vs. me riding my mower around the yard.
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    I don't know about app based fitness trackers with GPS and all that, but years ago I had a pedometer.

    It is still working fine after many years. It sits in the drawer and every now and then when I'm rummaging around for my socks or tie clip I will come across it and note that it records zero steps taken since it was last reset ; that is 100% accurate!
  6. Malum Prohibitum

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    A fat guy showed me his fitness tracker which claimed he was burning 4500 calories a day. Since he was eating over 3000 (which I thought was a lot for a guy who was seeking to lose fat) he seemed quite pleased with all the progress he was supposedly making. Punchline: no exercise program.

    I bit my tongue and said nothing, but it was very, very difficult to keep from bursting out laughing at such nonsense.
  7. Nemo

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    Depending on how large he was, it could be that many calories to move that mass.

  8. Squid

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    Only 3000??? From my efforts with my Atkins diet, it showed me how much a person can underestimate how many calories they really take in. Ask anyone who is in the fitness business and they'll tell you that exercise can only do so much and won't compensate readily for a bad diet.
  9. Malum Prohibitum

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    Truth by Squid. You hit the nail on the head. MyFitnessPal is a handy tool for that, though. Easy to use and works very well. I use it when I am serious about getting down well into single digit bodyfat.