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Discussion in 'LEO Encounters' started by Malum Prohibitum, Oct 26, 2010.

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    Had an encounter with DNR law enforcement for something unrelated to carry, but the issue came up. This was in a state park. The officers both stated their support for both the carry in state park law and the carry while bow hunting law and thought the old law was ridiculous. Neither of them have had any "issues" with people carrying after the change in the law, well, except one. "I wish people would stop asking us what we 'think' about it. It doesn't matter. Don't be an idiot with a gun and get us called. That's what we think about it."
    He said they get asked their opinion about it quite a lot.
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    Thats one thing I can say I don't do is go up to any of them and ask: So.. how does it feel having grownup law abiding citizens carrying legal handguns in this park?

    Even if its a gun grabber, its like whats the point. Is this person asking for relief of mind knowing that the DNR doesn't care that theres legally armed citizens in the park? people these days :p :screwy: Good encounter MP. I hope I have the same ones when I visit our parks.

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    I've mentioned this before, but consider that for the DNR guys, most people they come into contact with in the field are armed. They simply have to learn to be comfortable around citizens with firearms, otherwise their job just won't work. I've been license checked plenty of times by a lone agent in a swamp in the middle of nowhere and bunch of guys all holding loaded 12 gauges. The wimpiest deer load in the world will laugh at a type II vest. Being a gun skittish LEO in those situations just wouldn't work.
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    In this thread Owl pointed out a problem on the DNR's website. After getting nowhere with the 'email us' page, I called:
    Which clears up what Owl found above. I asked him if he could get that added to the DNR website, he said he'd do what he could to get it changed to reflect the law.

    We talked for a while and he said he is all for licensed citizens. He said that his guys are taught that the mere presence of a firearm without something more is a non-event. I'm glad I made the call.[/quote:12bv7u4s]
    He also said that a campsite is the place one would need a gun most, as that's where most of the problems occur. Looks like I need to contact him again as the error is still on the DNR's site.
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    I had a very positive encounter with DNR (and the Douglas County Sheriffs Office) at Sweetwater Creek State Park after getting attacked by a pitbull earlier this year. Very professional and understanding of the sitiuation. I was never disarmed or treated like a criminal. :righton:
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    Is said puppy dog now dead as a hammer????
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    Sadly I had to shoot it. It got back up and came at us again and I had to shoot it again and it died quickly after that. I was pretty bummed out because I like dogs. I don't care much for pitbulls, but I still hated to shoot a dog. Everyone who responded to the scene was very understanding and civil. They asked all the required questions followed the normal proceedures and sent me on the way. The sargent from the S.O. could tell I was upset and concerned about how I would be treated and he said "Common Sense will prevail"...and it did. They checked my license, but never asked for my firearm. The DNR officer commented that at least it was me and not some Mom with her young kid. I felt a little better afterwards, but it was still a crappy situation to be in.