D'jever wonder what the ethnic population of a place was?

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    Interesting. The more urban the population the more diverse the ethnic population. I was reading an article ahile back about a guy setting up a commission to study the reason Hispanics and blacks were leaving urban areas and moving into "the burbs". His concern was their culture was being destroyed, kids were not as concerned about their culture as they were about doing thing normal teens do...like playing video games and going to the mall. It seemed pretty clear to me, cities typically have higher tax rates, more regulation over their daily activities and such...they, just like everyone else, is fleeing from the tax and regulation burdens. I also read an article about the amount of people fleeing states. Something like almost half a million people a year leaving NY, tens of thousands a year leaving NYC. The people coming to the areas are very low, and of course, the local governments are increasing taxes to keep everything running.