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  1. pwrlifter12

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    I don't know if this is a bit too provocative for the forums, but feel free to take it down if it is. This is a video of a felon in Mexico who opens fire in a Mexican subway station. One unarmed citizen puts up a pretty good fight, but ends up catching one in the head. He also killed a police officer.

    This can just as easily happen at MARTA and I think it's imperative that we see how these situations unfold...that's why I post these videos. I know any one of us would have put him down the second that first shot was fired.

  2. Phil1979

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    I saw this one a few days ago. Even though criminal attacks like this are rare, the fact that they happen at all is good enough reason for me to be armed at all times.

    Yes, without hesitation I would put a bullet in someone shooting at innocent people, in order to stop them and save lives.

  3. EJR914

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    If you had to go, I'd rather go up on my feet. Also, the guy who caught one in the head didn't look like he suffered any. This is a great reason to be armed at all times. :righton:
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    I wasnt expecting such nice cameras from a mexican subway system.
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    I would like to agree with many of the statements above, but you all must keep in mind how well trained you have been for the situation. There were a TON of people around from almost any angle. If you were anywhere in the vicinity, as soon as you heard the first gun shot, I am sure we would all reach for our gun. But hitting your target, especially one running all around with a lot of people in the background, is something to consider before unloading your mag into the guy.

    I just hope this serves as a reminder to people how important training is. Just because you own a gun and make it to a range once a month, doesn't mean you would be a hero in this situation. You may end up on trial too if you kill a few innocent bystanders. Just sayin...
  6. gunsmoker

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    Imagine you're there. You don't see the scuffle start. You have no idea who is fighting who or why.
    You hear a gunshot. The crowd scatters. You see a guy with a gun fighting with an unarmed man (at least he looks unarmed-- it's hard to be sure as theyre in constant motion).

    At a few points it looks like the armed man is trying to get away and the unarmed man keeps attacking him.

    You see the armed man shoot at the unarmed man a couple times, but the unarmed man doesn't stop charging the guy with the gun.

    QUESTION: Who do you shoot?
    REMINDER: You won't have the benefit of watching this on TV and doing slow-motion replays first. You get to watch this crazy confusing scene unfolding in front of you, and you only started paying attention to it AFTER the first shot, and you really don't know why the man with the gun is shooting at the other guy but it seems to be because the other guy is attacking him.

    Might you think that the guy with the gun is actually defending himself from robbers or kidnappers?

    I might think that.

    So I might not have gotten involved.
  7. MrMorden

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    That's always the problem with being IN the situation. It's far more chaotic and uncertain when thing are happening around you, and you're not given a bird's eye view from the rafters. I agree with you totally. The only thing I can say is that if the citizen who ended up dying was armed, it might have turned out differently.
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    The problem with what Gunsmoker says is that virtually no Mexican citizens are allowed to carry firearms around. If you have a gun in Mexico, you're army, drug dealer, police, or some other special group. You're definitely not the average person and you're definitely not one of us.