Disease of Violence

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    Disease of Violence
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    Now there's a fair and balanced article written by an studious journalist.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Interpretation: We need more government funded programs. Don’t worry, politicians have lots of friends who can run those programs for a hefty paycheck.

    Now how are these programs funded? Oh ya, taxes… lots-of-um.
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    I hate it when people throw out statistics that are so broad. "...but each year roughly 60,000 people are actually shot." Criminals are people too, how many of those 60,000 people were commiting a felony at the time they were shot? Are they including accidents and/or suicides? If you take out suicides, gangbangers popping each other off, and justifiable homicides you'll probably end up with a lot lower a number.

    It's all about parents teaching their kids instead of the Xbox, TV, or government doing it for them. If kids aren't taught empathy, respect for others, understanding, discipline, or compassion the violence will continue to escalate.

    Oh and that crap about "re-segregation", what else do you expect to happen? It looks like the same thing is happening in England. The good, upstanding British citizens are leaving to Canada, South Africa, and Austrailia while the immigrants are moving into the UK. Why? Because they feel like their government is selling them out to political correctness. I have a feeling America is going along the same road. Only America is big enough that you can move to a different state and it is almost like going into a different country.

    Guns are not the problem, lazy parents mixed with governmental intervention is the main problem.
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