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It feels so good to watch HRC's concession speech. Seeing all those establishment politicians up there knowing that they know how much the core American people have rejected them. At least I'm pretending that they know it. If I were honest I suspect that they still have no real clue what happened or why.
They now realize how much work they have, in combating all the racist, sexist, homophobic knuckledragging deplorables that they believe our nation is. That is what they're saying to themselves now.

Added, liberal freakouts at media outlets like the WaPo:

E.J. Dionne isn't subtle. The title of his piece is "Where white male voters took America."

Dionne isn't original either. After the Dems took a beating in 1994, the late Peter Jennings reported that "America threw a temper tantrum." Dionne parrots this astonishingly juvenile line: "What the polls suggested was that a large number of Americans were prepared to throw a fit, regardless of the consequences."
Van Jones, on some liberal network: It's about "white-lash".

1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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