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Digging up Graves (historic)

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This crap is going to far.

Caretakers of one of Georgia’s oldest cemeteries say the scene was heart-breaking: A toddler’s bones were spilled on the ground. The uniform buried with a soldier in another plot was strewn on the ground.
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If you mean "this crap" being the removal of monuments to Confederates, I doubt that this is the same kind of crime.
This looks like simple age-old grave robbery. It's been a problem throughout human history. People bury their loved ones with some valuables, and robbers later come and dig 'em up to strip the bodies (even pull teeth from rotting skulls to get out silver and gold fillings). Sometimes freshly-buried bodies are stolen to be used for medical experiments or dissection.
Nothing new under the sun. (Or moon).

Sharia law says thieves should lose a hand. I'm OK with that, especially for grave robbers.

If that's too foreign, too Islamic, let's go back to an old-fashioned colonial American punishment- the pillory.


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