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Did anyone get this email about Nathan Deal yesterday?

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October 5, 2010

I FINALLY figured out how to sign on here and create an account. I wanted to see if anyone got this email about Nathan Deal yesterday. I had no idea Mitt Romney was so bad on guns. Anyway, did anyone get this, too?

Dear Jerry,

Five-day waiting periods. Mandatory ID cards. Feinstein gun ban. Semi-auto ban. The Brady Registration Act.

Mitt Romney’s history of supporting draconian gun laws is a mile long . . .

. . . and his support of the rights of gun owners isn’t even an inch deep.

While Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney not only signed the “Massachusetts Semi-Auto Ban†into law, he also accused owners of semi-automatic firearms of using them for the “sole purpose†of “hunting down and killing people.â€

Mitt Romney EVEN said “We do have tough gun laws in Massachusetts, I support them. I won’t chip away at them.â€

Mr. Romney, Georgians who own semi-automatic rifles are NOT killers. Georgians do NOT support your Massachusetts-style gun control.

Jerry, Georgia gun owners are patriots.

They care about family. Personal protection. Property. Liberty.

Mitt Romney’s long record of gun control is why Georgia Gun Owners is so disturbed by Republican Nathan Deal’s willingness to accept money from a notorious gun-grabber . . .

. . . and his refusal to return the Georgia Gun Owners Candidate Survey.

Why would Nathan Deal accept the financial endorsement of an opponent of our Second Amendment rights?

Why would he refuse to respond to the Georgia Gun Owners Candidate Survey? Is there something you and I need to know about his stance on gun rights that he is hiding?

Surely he doesn’t have plans to “sell out†gun owners if he becomes Governor of Georgia?

If elected, is Nathan Deal going to bring Washington-style back room deal-cutting of our gun rights home to Georgia?

This is unacceptable. Nathan Deal needs to return his Candidate Survey IMMEDIATELY!

Nathan Deal needs to stand with gun owners in Georgia by returning his Candidate Survey 100% in favor of our gun rights.

That’s why your action is needed at once!

If you haven’t yet done so, contact Republican candidate for Governor Nathan Deal -- demand he apologize for accepting money from gun-grabber Mitt Romney, and, return his Candidate Survey.

Let him know that the gun owners of Georgia are appalled that he would accept money from notorious gun-controller Mitt Romney.

Jerry, please also insist that Nathan Deal pledge 100% opposition to the gun control agenda. Demand he return his Georgia Gun Owners Candidate Survey -- immediately.

With so much on the line this year, we’re really stretching to keep gun owners in Georgia informed.
So, if you can help financially, we’d really appreciate it. Whatever you can do -- $35, $25, $15, or $5 -- will help.

Please do everything you can to hold the politicians accountable.

In defense of our rights,

Georgia Gun Owners

To contribute to getting the word out about Nathan Deal’s gun-grabbing campaign contributor, Mitt Romney, please click here:

Then, click “Donate†on the right hand side.

You can mail your contribution to:

Georgia Gun Owners
1635 Old 41 Hwy., Ste. 112-202
Kennesaw, GA 30152

Please make your check payable to “Georgia Gun Owners.â€

Because of Georgia Gun Owners’ tax-exempt status under IRC Sec. 501 (C) (4) contributions are not tax deductible as charitable contributions (IRC § 170) or as a business deduction (IRC § 162(e)(1).
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psrumors said:
Who is Georgia Gun Owners?
Sort of the local arm of the GOA.
Whatever, I'm not voting for a Democrat for Governor and that's final! No way in hell. This is but a political ploy.
Sonny sucked then, sucks even more now. Been there done that. Not going back. End of story.
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psrumors said:
Who is Georgia Gun Owners?
Not me.
Deal's record is pro-gun.
Barnes' record is anti-gun.

Deal took money from a national level, basically RINO.
Barnes' took money from a pervert preacher that I assume is a democrat.

If Deal taking money from Rommney means he's anti-gun does that mean Barnes is a pervert preacher?
Puffyfish said:
Sonny sucked then, sucks even more now.
Best comment I've read all day.
What a STUPID email. What does this have to do with Deal?
I thought Deal was a CGO sponsor... or at least a member. He stopped by the 2nd Annual GCO convention for a bit. At least, I thought that was Deal!
Some how or another I've gotten on their email list of late.

I got another one today saying this:

Dear Jerry,

We've spent all night trying to respond to emails from folks who want to know when Georgia Gun Owners will be issuing a list of endorsements.

Georgia Gun Owners will not be doing so -- EVER

And for those who don't know, Georgia Gun Owners does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates for political office. We don't call for the election or defeat of any candidate for political office. We will NEVER ask any Georgian to vote for or against any candidate for political office.

Georgia Gun Owners exists to inform voters on just how "pro-gun" their candidates for political office are. Just because a "pro-gun" issue doesn't come to the floor of the House or Senate doesn't mean gun owners in Georgia don't deserve to know where their candidates stand on issues related to the most important amendment -- the 2nd.

Saying you "voted" for this or that and "my record shows I am pro-gun," doesn't mean you believe in liberty for gun owners in Georgia.

The time for hiding behind party leadership must end.

Unfortunately, the establishment gun lobby has sold out our gun owners by "compromising" -- trading one thing for another -- for far too long. We have seen "compromise" right here in the State of Georgia for decades.

It's time "compromise" ends. No more trade offs.

We hope that answers the question for many grassroots activists, and, politicians, who have written in the last 24 hours asking for an endorsement, or when Georgia Gun Owners' endorsements will be released.

For Liberty,

Georgia Gun Owners

Anyone else getting these emails. I don't know how I got on the list.

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Is it possible the OP is just promoting a site?
psrumors said:
Is it possible the OP is just promoting a site?
Perhaps, but what is strange is the fact that the original email was a feeble attempt at a Deal hit piece and now the next one (probably after getting pissed-off people replying) is an email stating they dont endorse or OPPOSE candidates. This is all assuming any of this is real.

The OP comes off with this golly-gee-wilikers-I-just-found-out-how-to-post-on-here stuff and then launches into the email.

I call BS.
TimBob said:
I thought Deal was a CGO sponsor... or at least a member. He stopped by the 2nd Annual GCO convention for a bit. At least, I thought that was Deal!
He did come by and I tried to get him to sit at my table a couple days before the event but there was WAY too much going on that day for politicians across the state. The house had a retreat and there were tons of fundraisers going on that weekend.

GCO also endorsed Deal.
I smell a troll :screwy: First post is something like this :roll: Come on dude you gotta do better than that.

Don't feed the trolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I call troll as well, both his posts are 24 hours apart, right to the minute :screwy:
I FINALLY figured out how to sign on here and create an account
spam, bots, whatever you want to call it often start off posts w/ these types of statements.

:spam: :spam:

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