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Discussion in 'Holsters / Method of Carry' started by Thorsen, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. Thorsen

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    I picked up this holster for my M&P compact. Its a nice OWB holster until I can pick up something better. It has good retention and seems to be quite durable as well. The only thing I dislike is that while the front of the holster has loops to allow either verticle or FBI carry, when in verticle it rides too high and doesn't seem to have as tight of a fit to my body as I would like. While not too fond of the FBI carry mode, it does work better in that position, so until I get something better that is the method I will use.

    I did contact Tom at Southern Holsters about a holster for my firearm and he did respond and tell me as soon as there was a dummy gun available he planned on adding this firearm to his list of custom holsters. I will definitely be purchasing one from him when he does.
  2. ki4dmh

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    Sounds like I have the same Disantis holster that you have. I have mine in the forward cant position. It feels better to me. The issue I have with the Disantis is the belt loops over time become very weak. I am hoping to upgrade to a Milt-Sparks before long.

  3. Bulldawg182

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    Since the Desantis is my first and only OWB leather holster to date, I'm not sure if this problem is isolated to their product or not, but mine creaks so much you can hear me coming from 50 yards!!!
  4. zookeper

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    i also have a desantis pancake and if i had gotten it for one of my sigs the gun would probably pull away from my body because it rides high. mine is made for a 38spl airweight and it's what i carry when hiking, fishing and it is quite comfortable for that application. also it squeaked bad like yours when new. a good belt may hold it more stable.
  5. Adam5

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    What kind of belt are you using? If you aren't using a belt that is made for carrying a holstered gun, that is likely your problem.
  6. Dan4010

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    I have a desantis holster too. I waer it in the canted forward postion and it wears and feels comfortable, however sometimes it does take a yank to pull my gun out. WhichI kinda like since it makes me fell good that it will not fall out or it would be hard for someone else to pull out. However, like one of you mentioned, it does squeak sometimes while walking. Hopefully that will go away with wear and maybe a little oil.