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    My wife would like to go hunt deers around Augusta. She never hunted deers. She knows how to shoot, she is scoring around 200 on appleseed AQT (she is knocking the door with her patch since two appleseeds). Anyone knows of someone or somewhere where she could do that?

    Thank you
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    There are a couple WMAs (Wildlife Management Areas) around the Agusta area that she could hunt on. Try looking here for one:

    Phinizy Swamp WMA is one close to Agusta. It has 1,500 acres. Topo Map: ... 20Topo.pdf
    Keg Creek WMA is another. It has 800 acres.

    I hope that helps with the info you are looking for.

    PS. Ga. has a new license for new hunters. It is an Apprentice Hunting License and is good for 3 days for people interested in hunting but have not completed a hunter education class.

  3. According to the DNR you'll still have to get the Big Game license as well as the 3 day Apprentice license.
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    My son wants to deer hunt this year. We took the hunter safety class, picked up a couple of guns, read a bunch of articles, and we are ready to go! Has anyone here actually hunted a WMA with success in Georgia? Is this pretty much the only option if you are not part of a club? Would anyone be willing to talk to me and answer a few questions about this? Thanks!
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    Public land gets hunted pretty hard. It can be very crowded depending where/when you go. Hunters tend to shoot anything that moves, so not a lot of quality deer on some WMAs, but I have seen some "bucks of a lifetime" on WMAs.

    I walked a lot of Dawson WMA last weekend, never even saw one deer print on the road, nor any sign of turkey (not in season). Too much pressure in that spot i guess.
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    If you hunt a WMA get as far away from the road as possible, also do some scouting and setup on some deer signs(I hunt thick stuff on WMAs). And expect to be walked in on. Good Luck. I hope yall lay the smack down.
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    A great tip for hunting WMAs is to hunt the swamps. Where do deer move to when they're pushed? Thick cover on islands in the middle of the swamps. Hunters don't like to get their feet wet. Get some hip boots. You'll seldom be in water over a foot deep, and you'll be overrun with deer. Remember, I think the law still reads in Georgia that you can't shoot a deer that is standing in water. The other neat thing about hunting swamps is that you can hear them coming a mile away. Plop, plop, plop.......................Boom!

    I've often wondered if you couldn't "plop" deer in, instead of "rattling" them? Might try it one day. I'd pick up a stick, about the same size as a deers leg, and punch it into the water at irregular intervals. Might sound like a deer, even to another deer..............but don't get shot! :lol:
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    If you want to get good land to hunt take a drive in the country. Go to some farm houses and ask the farmers if you could hunt there, in return offer then half the meat it may take a few houses but you will find one that lets you. Farmers look at deer as a nuisance animal, they eat the crops, so its pretty easy to find one that will let you hunt the land. I do this every year and never been turned down a season. Never had to give up meat either. So long as you remain respectful to their property they dont have a problem. I even had one farmer plant 3 acers of clover so I could get some deer. He even bought a license for himself in the event my friend and I went over the limit...he hated deer that bad!
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    :goodpost: Great post grunt. I couldn't agree more.