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    Carter lost Iran
    Clinton lost Venezuella
    Obama lost Egypt

    I strongly suggest you read Strafford different free reports on the Egypt events and future consequences. We are heading to a major ClusterF. Probably the worse since 1938. The Muslims Brotherhood IS Iran. All of Northen of Africa (Except Lybia) from East to West is now controlled by extremists muslims and each of those countries is now in a way or another a political void where extremist muslims can rule. Western Africa is falling one by one. Central Africa is getting more and more unstable. At the end, only South Africa will be left.

    Turkey is become more and more under muslims control (backed by the muslims brotherhood)

    Israel losing Egypt is now in a dire situation. The kings in the Arabs Emirates are now fearing for their power hold.

    No media as of now explained how bad the situation is right now. We projected our military, no one except maybe Russia and China can resists us with some success. But on the political side, we lose like we are ruled by a Down syndrome/bi-polar dictator. The cold was was nothing compared to what is coming up for us. Russians were not ready to die to go to Heaven if they killed the maximum number of Americans. Those guys are...
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  3. I always make remarks how 2012 will contain a massive war involving the United States, Israel, Iran, Russia, and China. I wouldn't say I'd bet my life on my beliefs, but with all of this happening, I wouldn't be surprised if it does happen.