Deliberate Speed Pistol 3/7/2020

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    First Person Safety has a class coming Saturday, March 7, 2020, called Deliberate Speed Pistol. "This class is designed to help shooters develop a balance between speed and accuracy appropriate to the difficulty of the target. Students will shoot a series of challenging drills and courses of fire with tight time and accuracy standards."

    This class sounds like a great follow up to Defensive Pistol Skills or any beginner to intermediate class you may have previously taken. And at $125 it's an outstanding bargain! I am not affiliated, just a satisfied customer of previous First Person Safety classes and the teaching style of Chief Deputy Lee Weems.
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    Deliberate Speed Pistol is primarily a technical shooting course, but the material can be applied defensively. It is a stand-alone class, but it is also a follow-on to Pistolcraft Foundations.