DeKalb Cty Open Carry of sorts....

Discussion in 'General GWL Questions' started by GAGunOwner, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. merlock

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    I think you did fine.

  2. Macktee

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    I agree. Under the circumstances, you did great.

    By coincidence, I also got a haircut yesterday and was carrying (concealed).

    Cliff the Barber, who owns Old Milton Barbershop (I try to put in a plug for my buddies whenever I can...), knows I'm interested in guns, asked if I had one with me. We then had a nice discussion of guns, dogs and barbershop guy stuff.

    The last revolver I purchased was an H&R .22 identical to one he owns. Recently, I brought it by the shop to show him. No one freaked, but several people, including one of his young, cute female haircutters, were interested, so another gun discussion took place. I try to "spread the gospel" whenever possible!
  3. Gunstar1

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    Lets see, no police, no upset people, and you got your hair cut... I agree with merlock, you did fine. =D>

    While you seem to think it could have gone better, you at least did well enough that nothing bad happened.
    Anyway, hindsight being 20/20, here are my comments on what you think you could/should have done differently.
    True in the overall sense, but just like you said about the need to avoid conflict, sometimes it is best to just grin and cover up than get into a conversation with a jerk.
    Yes and no. The lady could have lied and really been calling the police. Instead of saying nothing at all, next time say something like "If you are calling the police, tell them I have a valid license to carry."
    Well, yes that would have been ideal, but frankly when I am getting a haircut or in other situations where I have to make small talk with people I don't know, if they keep pressing a topic or point that I have repeatedly said otherwise, then after a point I just say whatever they want to hear just to shut them up or change the subject (whether it is a misleading statement or outright lie depends on the situation and how annoyed I have become... that avoiding conflict thing again).
    If you want to avoid possible problems and stupid conversations when you do not want any, yes. Or if you have the time for education and you know you will probably be removing your concealing clothing (like your jacket), you can open carry into the store so the people won't be as shocked and you will be ready for the looks, questions and comments.
    Hard to say, sounded more like they didn't believe you were not a LEO more than they thought you were a worried criminal.
  4. Malum Prohibitum

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    MY barber, in Peachtree City, knows I carry, and, in addition, I have spotted other people carrying in his shop as well. Y'all know how it is in the mean streets o' Peachtree City . . .
  5. Macktee

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    Yeah, we know. Peachtree City is on the news damn every night what with the shootings and riots and arsons and drugs busts and old people falling asleep in front of the TV...

    Nice try!
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    My Wife cuts my hair. :D
  7. USMC - Retired

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    I feel sorry for you guys in areas where you have to hide your right to carry. As I have said before I open carry everywhere I go and if I have to go to a prohibited place, I just lock it in the car till I leave. Yesterday afternoon we went to the local Winn dixie pharmacy to pick up a prescription and while we were standing there waitning another customer started talking to me about firearms and how his son in Texas had just bought a pistol and was shooting pretty good on the range. The topic drifted a bit and I mentioned that I was glad it was getting colder so the deer would start moving more. Then this guy, an older gentleman, mentioned that way back when he and some of the other farmers in the area had brought in truckloads of deer from Michigan and released them (a story I had heard from a local game warden as well). I thanked him for his efforts to improve the local deer genitics and he seemed pleased that someone would say that. As we were leaving he said if I ever wanted a place to hunt I was welcome on his place and gave me his name and phone number. So, I had a great conversation with a real nice guy and got another place to hunt all because I choose to open carry. gotta love it! :D
  8. Rammstein

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    Wow USMC - Retired,

    That's pretty cool how that ended up.

    I was thinking about getting another IWB holster, but the Tucker HF1 seems to be calling my name.

    BTW USMC - Retired, since you open carry do you have a holster with an open top or one with a thumb break (or similar retention device)?
  9. USMC - Retired

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    I actually have several different holsters that I use but the one I was using has a thumb break. I tend to use my Fobus paddle if I'm expecting to go somewhere when I may need to take it off, if not I use a leather thumb break that rides on the belt.
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    Thanks for sharing your story. I always take every precaution to ensure my legally concealed firearm stays concealed, but I always fear something like what you experienced could happen to me. People's ignorance of firearms and Georgia's firearm laws in general is sometimes astounding.

    I always feel bad that this happened to you in Decatur. Decatur is notoriously liberal. I would say the majority in that area cannot comprehend that an individual, who isn't a LEO or criminal, would carry a concealed firearm.

    Two women can stroll arm-in-arm in downtown Decatur (and there's plenty of them there) and locals won't think twice about it, but when they see someone with a gun...OH THE HUMANITY! :roll:

    Again, thanks for sharing!