DeKalb County - At least no suspects were shot.

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Broadside Bob, Dec 15, 2006.

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    Good thing the warrant was being served by the ATF and not the trigger happy DeKalb County PD.

    When are people going to stop asking why DeKalb County PD has been shooting so many people and start asking why there are so many people is DeKalb County who need to be shot?
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    I have information that I consider to be from a good source.

    They were serving the warrant for someone who was buying firearms and selling them to known felons. The was likely a surveillance system employed by the people the warrant was being served to... so they saw the ATF coming. The ATF knocked to serve the warrant and were met with gunfire.

    It will be interesting to see how it pans out, but I seriously doubt it's a "88 year old woman case".

    As far as DeKalb police shootings go... I think one was likely questionable. The rest were good. I remember the one they shot maybe a few months ago... a crook was fleeing down the highway, being chased and firing shots out of his car at the cops... and they took him out. I guess they were supposed to call him on the cellphone and negotiate? I drive on the highway too and I'm glad they shot him before someone caught a stray round.

    As long as all the shoots were ruled in accordance with policy by the police IE and reviewed by the DA or a grand jury, I say it's a GOOD thing. I think it's good that crooks are scared of getting shot by cops. Maybe they'll take their asses to Fulton where they'll have a better chance at their burglaries, carjackings and murders.

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    Fos seems right on. Knocked and announced then gunfire thru the door. Never saw it coming. Body armor saved one, the other took a round in the leg. Both will be ok.
    Serving S/W's on folks is dangerous business. Knock and announce and you might get knock and you might get shot.....
    We do almost all our S/W's with a shield nowadays......seriously.
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    How did Suspects Survive?

    Okay, so the suspects were trigger-happy. They shot a couple of cops. Took two of them out of the fight. Then what happened? Did the other cops overwhelm the resistance and take out the bad guys? Obviously not, because they're in jail, not in the hospital or the morgue. Did the cops retreat with their wounded and wait for a negotiated settlement? If so it seems to have worked out OK in this case (the bad guys did surrender eventually) but I think it sets a bad precedent.

    A good precedent would be that when you shoot at cops, they shoot back. With more guns and bigger bullets than you have. Until you stop moving. Then they pick most of you off the floor, scrape some of you off the walls and ceiling, and mop up what part of you is left behind with a big mop and a bucket of bleach water. That would discourage thugs from shooting at cops in the future.
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    While I have no doubt the person the ATF was going after will get some form of punishment for shooting police, it seems the details may be just as interesting as the 88 year old woman case.

    Check out the latest report saying it was a no knock warrant served at 5am... ... ryid=89171
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    I can't find the article, but I believe it was in the AJC yesterday, that said the guys who shot the agents claimed they thought someone was breaking in, so they started shooting. As soon as they realized it was the cops, they surrendered, which is probably why they're in jail rather than the morgue...