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Iirc the Govenor of the US Virgin islands is from New York City. Imagine my surprise.
From what I heard on Fox News (Tucker Carlson) last night (which is difficult as some in my family seem to struggle keeping the noise down when I'm watching the news), the Governor was on the phone and claimed that he gave no such order. According to him, he doesn't have the authority under state law or the constitution to authorize the seizure of citizen property and rightfully so. He claimed that the story was based on the fact that whoever was in charge of the rescue operations can PURCHASE items that they need (including ammunition) directly through local merchants, without going through the typical purchase approval process - in times of a declared emergency. Supposedly there was no confiscation of firearms or other property (as near as I could tell in listening to the story).
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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