Defend Yourself - Go to Jail!

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Malum Prohibitum, Aug 11, 2006.

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    Assume you are walking down the street with your gun, and a robber approaches with a gun. You shoot him.

    The prosecutor files homicide charges against you, but the grand jury refuses to indict, since it is such a clear cut case of self defense.

    What is a zealous prosecutor to do?

    Why, make a gun charge, of course! And an equally zealous judge orders no bond (that ought to get jrm's blood boiling).

    Now, this guy is facing 15 years for simply doing society a favor. ... /1002/NEWS

    Remember this story next time you read about Bloomberg saying NY's gun laws are a model for the nation.
  2. jrm

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    There is no emoticon that adequately pictures the boiling of jrm's blood on this one.

    Not only is he being held without bond for a crime of possession (no victim), this jurisdiction makes it a 15-year felony to possess a gun? :shock:

  3. Malum Prohibitum

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    THis is not even NYC. It is in Rochester.
  4. gunsmoker

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    Why No Bond?

    Perhaps the "armed citizen" himself had an extensive criminal record. Maybe some detectives told the judge that although they are developing him as a suspect in some unrelated case. Maybe after he shot the would-be carjacker, he fled instead of staying at the scene and dealing with the authorities (this would indicate he may be a flight risk). Maybe he doesn't have any ties to the Rochester community and close ties to a foreign country (also would make him a flight risk).

    I'm just speculating here. On the other hand, maybe the judge is an anti-gun activist who really does consider violating a gun control law on par with making child porn (no, worse than that-- crossdressing amputee necrophiliac beastality child porn!)